Chapter Sixteen

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The butterflies dance in my stomach as I wait outside near the door for Cole. He hasn't come home yet.

This was my home now. It still felt strange to say it but I lived with everyone here now. It is past eight at night and people were heading out with their friends but I was waiting for Cole. I want to tell him today. I didn't want to drag it on anymore but he hadn't come home since this morning. He was out with Liam still.

"Hey Sky!" Aiden waves at me as he walks towards me with Mason.

"Hi," I smile as they stand in front of me.

"Who are you waiting for? It's going to rain soon, don't you want to go inside?" Aiden asks me.

"Have you guys seen Cole? He hasn't been here since morning and I'm a little worried," I tell them truthfully.

Liam hasn't returned either.

Mason frowns taking a step closer.

"Alpha hasn't returned?" He asks confused.

"No," I tell him.

"He said he'll be back at 6. I assumed he was with you that's why I didn't bother checking in," Mason mumbles quietly as he mindlinks someone.

"I can't seem to get to him either. Shit," He curses as he takes a step back.

"I'll take a few guys out and look for him. Aiden, stay here and you're in charge. Find Zach for me, and tell him to bring his men and I'll be on the east side. Tell them to spread out," Mason orders Aiden, the beta instinct kicking in.

He walks away quickly and I turn to Aiden who's mindlinking people.

"What shall I do?" I ask him.

I'm the Luna. He's my mate. I need to do something.

"Stay here and get Carter. Tell Carter to find Jason and tell him to protect the pack houses. I'll spread out and look for Alpha too," Aiden says with a sense of determination as he walks backwards.

"Liam!" I call out to Aiden, "Find Liam too!" I say and he nods as he runs away shifting mid air into his brown wolf.

I can't sense Alex, Kira growls a little.

I ignore her.

Carter. I need you to find Jason. I don't know which one but he needs to protect the pack houses. Liam and Cole haven't returned and I don't know what to do but I'm going to go and look for them too. I mindlink Carter quickly as I head down the few steps and walk towards the forest.

Find him there first.

I walk as fast as I can but don't run because I don't want too many people thinking something was wrong.

I follow the instructions Carter had given me about mindlinking and find Cole's door in my mind. I push it open and step inside.

Cole? Where are you? I send a quick message as I run further into the forest away from people's eyes. I stop next to a tree and listen to any noise.

Holy shit. Cole's shocked voice fills my mind and I grin.

Where are you? I ask him.

I um I'm a little tied up, He replies confusion clear in his voice.

Where? I ask again.

I don't know. I think there's a river and I'm not far out of my territory because I can still feel the link between my pack. Liam is unconscious. I think we got a little too drunk, He sighs.

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