Starcourt Mall

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"Come on, Y/N!" You hear your best friend Nancy laugh and pull you in front of the Starcourt Mall, causing you to roll your eyes before letting out a breathy sigh.

"Nancy. You know I hate liking the same places everyone else likes." You throw your hand up in the air gesturing to the mall and its closed doors where all the teenagers you've gone to school with waited impatiently for to open. "It's just so..." You stop yourself turning away from her as the sign lit up, causing your jaw to drop in amazement as others jumped up towards the doors, waiting for the security guard to open them. "Unoriginal." You finish your statement before slowly turning back towards Nancy.

"You were saying?" She flashed a toothy grin your way as she walked past your paralyzed one. You shake your head, pulling yourself out of your daze before following after Nancy and others as they pushed their way through the freshly opened doors. You look from one side that consisted of the arcade. You turned away from the arcade, quickly looking over to the other side that consisted of concession stands. You let out a gasp before turning to face GAP. You look between GAP and your best friend that held her hand against her hips and the other placing itself over her lips to contain her laughter. 

"Let's go." You say before titling your head in one direction as your body took you into the opposite direction. You walk into the GAP store, listening to the music that played over the crowd that formed outside. You take a piece of clothing off of the racks that had colorful shapes and stripes all around it. Wrapping it around your arm, you carry on looking for other pieces that catch your eyes that you'd like to try on. 

You walk out with 3 GAP bags, a big grin planted itself on your face as you feel very satisfied with your purchases. You turn to look at Nancy that struggled carrying her two bags. You laugh at her before grabbing her wrist, pulling her with you in front of the several lit up food stands. You look to your left, catching the eyes of others that looked at you as if you had just fell to Earth from a different planet and this was your first time out and about. You ignore their stares, giving them a small smile. You turn to see a bright red, white, and blue sign that read Scoops Ahoy. You bite down on your bottom lip as you smirk walking over towards the entrance of the ice cream shop. Nancy follows behind you shortly before stopping in her tracks. Her eyes grow wide as she looks at who is behind the counter scooping ice cream.

"Nancy. Let's go!" You shout over to her as she quickly pushed her head down so that her hair was masking her face. You look at her confused before shrugging it off. You walk over to the front counter. You grin widely as you see that you are next in line. 

"Hi." You say over enthusiastically. You smile widely as the girl in front of you returns the smile.

"Hello to you too. What can I get ya?" You get ready to say what you have been craving for the past week before getting cut off by a man's voice. Your head shoots up, your eyes growing widely as you see Steve Harrington. Nancy's ex. You weren't there when that went down, but you remember everything Nancy had told you about him. You had ran into Steve a few times, and every time he seemed to be nicer than what others had told you. You feel your cheeks heat up causing Steve to grin as he looks you dead in the eyes.

"Hey, Y/N. What can I get you?" You hear his voice and it soothes your nerves causing you to gain more confidence around him. You feel Nancy stiffen next to you as she notices the way you stood up straight, ready to speak. 

"Could I actually just stick to the Classic Vanilla?" You say softly causing Steve to take a double take before nodding quickly. He grabs a cone before taking a scoop of the vanilla to place onto the cone. After handing it over to you, he turns to look over at the girl hiding behind her hair next to you. 

"And your usual Nance?" You bite down on your lip, shocked at the fact that after all this time he still called her what he used to. You turn to look at Nancy, her eyes coming into view as she looks towards the man that seems to ask nonchalantly. She nods slowly before turning to you.

"I'll meet you back by the car." She says before exiting. You hear Steve sigh before grabbing a bowl placing in her usual go to when it came to ice cream. He looks up at you as you look down picking at your cuticles while chewing on your bottom lip.

"You do that a lot." He says, catching you off guard. Your cheeks heat up before pressing your hands against the counter. "I've seen you around school. I was also across from you in French." He shrugs before passing you the bowl he put together for Nancy. You grab it from him before biting down on your bottom lip. His eyes go to your lips before he points, his eyes wide as he lets out a chuckle. "Told you." 

He winks over at you before putting his scooper in a bowl of water. "See you around." He nods towards you before passing you some napkins after writing something on one of them. You gulp as you look down, seeing his number on the edge of one of the napkins. You stuff the napkins in your pocket, getting ready to look back up to meet his gaze, but he had already walked to the back. There he sat, tossing his sailor hat around before spinning it around his finger. You grin shaking your head before exiting the shop. Maybe I would give him a call. 

You grin to yourself as you begin to walk towards the mall's exit

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You grin to yourself as you begin to walk towards the mall's exit. Maybe you'll start liking everything that everyone else likes if this will be the outcome.

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