"Say something, Dingus."

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You watched your best friend as he worked behind that Scoops Ahoy counter in his sailor uniform, scooping ice cream for those coming in for a cold rush after being in the Hawkin's summer heat. You pressed your tongue against your strawberry ice cream, swiping it along the cone as it dripped. You sigh propping your hand under your chin with a smug smile against your lips as you notice him glance over at you, giving you a wide smile.

"Uh, Earth to y/n? You still here?" You notice Dustin wave his hand in front of your face, causing you to grab his wrist in your hand to prop his hand down onto the table. You look at Dustin as he flashes you a wide toothless grin.

"How is it that you've been back for less than 32 hours and I already wish you were back at Camp Know Nothing?" You scrunch your nose at him as you let go of his wrist, resuming to press your tongue against the now melted ice cream.

"Camp Know Where, thank you! And be honest. You love having me back home." His toothless smile comes in view again, but only wider causing you to grunt before clearing your throat.

"Where's Mike, Lucas, Will, Max, El? Shouldn't they be the ones excited that you're finally home? Where are they anyways? Haven't seen them all summer." You say shrugging placing your cone onto a dozen of napkins to keep the ice cream from dripping onto your hands or the Scoops customer tables. You lick your fingers not really listening to what Dustin had to say after asking your questions.

"They ditched. Can you believe that shit? I just got back home and they are nowhere to be found. I can't even get a hold of them on the walkies. It's bullshit dude!" He raises his hands rolling them into fists before slamming them down on the table causing you to jump out of your chair.

"Dustin!" You shout at him causing his face to go blank. You quiet down as you notice people are staring between you and your afro headed brother. "And language. Mom wants you to cut that shit out."

"But you cuss. Why do you get to cuss?"

"Because I'm old as shit, okay?" You reply to his question quickly before both you and Dustin bang your hands on the table in fits of laughter, throwing your heads back.

"Oh, did I miss you y/n." 

"I missed you too, Dusty." You smile at your brother before glancing over at Steve. His eyes already on the two of you. You smile towards him, causing him to half smile back before helping the next group of people. "Hey, so uhm, I have this thing that I'm doing with Steve later. Do you need me to take you home?"

"I can take him, y/n." You gasp as Robin appears right next to you. Her eyebrows furrowed as her eyes widened at your jumpiness.

"You don't have to, Robin. It's like, 5 minutes from here. I don't--"

"I insist. It gives you more time with dingus over there." You notice her look over her shoulder towards Steve. He holds a cone in one hand as he tries to flip the ice cream into it, missing, and causing it to fall onto his uniform. Robin closes her eyes taking in a deep breath before looking back at you. "Anyways, not a problem. You ready, bud?" You watch as Dustin picks himself up, rushing to get his jacket on.

"Can you stay for a bit Robin? I still need help cracking that Russian code." You laugh before shaking your head towards the two as they begin to walk off. You sigh as they leave your sight causing you to turn on your heels, making your way over to the counter.

"So, Robin took Dustin home. You, me, rooftop? What do you say?" You suggest biting down on your bottom lip as his smile towards you widens. He looks around to see that the Scoops tables are now completely empty.

"Yeah, I can close up now and we can head up." He squints his eyes towards you as you begin to giggle. "What trick do you have up your sleeve tonight, Miss. Henderson?" You giggle a bit more before shrugging grabbing a rag from beside him. You walk around to the tables and begin to wipe them down. 

The Rooftop.

You rush up the stairs holding on to Steve's hand as he rushes behind you. Your smile present on your face as you push open the doors to what you had found time to set up for the two of you.

 Your smile present on your face as you push open the doors to what you had found time to set up for the two of you

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You bite down on your lip as Steve slowly walks past you, skimming the rooftop. His eyebrows raise with the corners of his lips curling up. He turns to look back at you, walking over towards you. He wraps his arms around your waist as you wrap yours around his shoulders. He releases, looking down at you with a sparkle in his eyes.

"You did this, for us?" He looks around gesturing towards the candlelit dinner. Before looking down at you, you catch yourself tearing up. "Hey, hey. Why are you crying?" You giggle before shaking your head, looking down before back up to meet his eyes.

"Knowing that... No girl has done this for you, kills me." You shake your head, looking down at your feet. You feel Steve press his fingers down under your chin, causing you to look back up at him. 

"I love it. You are literally, the best kind of friend. I mean.. Wow." He says before looking up at the lights you hung to outline the door way of the rooftop. Your smile is replaced with a frown as you hear him consider you as just a friend in this moment. You push back gently, grabbing Steve's hands in your own. You bite down on your lip as you shakily sigh. 


"Yeah?" You look up at him leaning up a bit your lips hovering over his own. You wrap an arm around his shoulder, running your fingers through his hair.

"I love you, Steve Harrington. More than as just a friend. I love you like..." You look between Steve's eyes and his lips contemplating on kissing him or not. Your eyes flicker back to gaze into his brown eyes. You notice his smile become faint, leaning down and pressing his lips gently down against yours, taking you back a bit. You gasp into the kiss, closing your eyes. Your hand rests into one of his hands as the other tugs at the ends of his hair. His hand tangled in your own hand as the other presses itself firmly against your cheek. You both pull away, out of breath. Steve goes quiet as he looks down at you. "Say something, dingus." You laugh softly causing him to chuckle a throaty laugh.

"Why?" You look at him confused. Eyebrows furrowing as he continues to ask his question. "Why do you think you love me?"

"Steve... I don't think. I know. I love you Steve Harrington. I have for a very long time." You smile at him as you feel your eyes tearing up once more. Steve presses both hands against your cheeks, his head falling to rest against yours. You both sway silently as he smiles wide.

"I love you too. God, I do." You close your eyes, letting a sigh of relief fall from between your lips causing Steve to laugh softly. "I really do, y/n. I love you."

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