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(Author's note: This is a very smutty chapter. So read on if you dare. For those that make it till the end, I freaking love you!)

 For those that make it till the end, I freaking love you!)

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His lips pressed gently against the skin of your neck. His body hovered over your own small figure. He picks himself up, resting on his knees, pulling his shirt over his head. His bare chest on display. Your fingertips traveled down his chest and towards his softly shown abs. He looks down at your hand as your hand travels down towards the buttons on his jeans. You pull yourself up, resting on your knees, wrapping an arm around his neck. The other hand fiddling with the button of his jeans, getting it undone. You attach your lips to his, pushing your hand into his jeans grabbing a hold of his bulge. He groans against your lips, causing you to pull his bottom lip in between your teeth, gently tugging at it. You let it go before looking into his eyes. You lower yourself grabbing a hold of the sides of his pants. You help him take his jeans off as he tells you to lift your arms up, pulling your shirt over them. He is now in his tight boxers, you in your lingerie in front of him. You press kisses to his jaw, making a line down his jaw. You move back, attaching your hand with his, pulling him closer to the bed. You bite your lip looking at him as you let go of his hand. You crawl back onto the bed, rolling onto your back. You let your hand wander over your covered breasts and down between your thighs, gently rubbing yourself. You let out a soft moan, not letting go of his eye contact. He quickly grabs your ankles pulling you towards him. His eyes still burning holes in your own. He leans over your own body before attaching his lips to yours, pressing his bulge against your wetness. You moan into his mouth, pushing one of your hands into his hair and the other against his jaw and neck. His hips rolls against yours and your back arches. He smirks against your lips before moving his hand behind your body to unclasp your bra. You help by keeping your back arched and moving your arms out of the straps. He then tosses it aside, looking down at your now exposed chest. You giggle before biting your lip. He looks over your body, panties still covering up the part you've been wanting him to touch the most. You raise your hips a bit towards him, telling him you want him. He looks down at your raised hips then back at you, you nod putting the tip of your index finger in between your teeth. He adores when you do that. He leans down pressing a kiss to your exposed neck, slowly biting over your now risen nipples. You gasp softly before looking down at him, watching. He looks up at you before closing his eyes tight. His lips now moving from your breasts, to your stomach, leaving a small trail of hickeys on his way down. Getting to the band of your panties, he looks up at you, licking his bottom lip as you watch him. You fall back onto the bed as he places his fingers into your panties slowly taking them off and tossing them aside. He props your legs over his shoulder, his hands coming up to your sides grabbing your hands in his. His tongue strikes over your lips and you cant help but arch your back with a long moan falling from your lips. You place your hand into his hair, tugging ever so lightly. His tongue continues to work against you, his grip on your hands loosen as he places his hands on your hips, helping them move in a small circle against his tongue and mouth. Both of your hands fly up into his hair. You're biting your lip harshly, feeling a bit of blood pool into your mouth. The bottom of your stomach starts to feel tighter, a fire burning in the pit of it. Your toes curled as his mouth wrapped around your clit.

"I'm gonna--" You get cut off by him stopping, pulling himself up over you again, freeing his member before inserting it into you. This is a feeling you've never felt before. With anyone. You find yourself gaining confidence, you flip yourselves over so you're on top of him. You rest your hands on his thighs, and throw your head back as you roll your hips against his own. Both of your guys' moans were mixing with each others. You continued to roll your hips against his, him trying to keep up with your beat. You feel his member quiver a bit before he quickens the pace. His head falls back against the bed and his eyes roll back. He goes to grab your hand that had found itself pressed against his chest, giving it a gentle squeeze, letting you know he's close. You lean down by his ear whispering in it.

"Say it, Steve." You bite down on his lower earlobe as he groans softly, out of breath he responds.

"I'm close, y/n." And with that, you quickened the pace of your hips against his. Feeling that pit in your stomach, yet again, you knew you were close. Really close. And with one swift move, you were back onto your back, Steve leaning over you once more pounding into you gently. You gasp and grab a hold of the blankets beneath you before you let go. You look up to see Steve quickly pull out, letting his release fall against your stomach. You gasp looking down at it, releasing yourself. Your head falls back gently against the bed. You breathe heavily, closing your eyes. You open your eyes once you notice, Steve has left the bed. He grabs a towel from the side of your bed, cleaning himself off, along with moving over you to clean your stomach and between your inner thighs. He looks down at you before laughing softly, biting his lip.


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