Your First

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You stood in the window way of your best friend, Steve's bedroom, in only your wet bra and black jeans

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You stood in the window way of your best friend, Steve's bedroom, in only your wet bra and black jeans. A towel gently wrapped around your shoulders. You went over to Steve's for a small get together with a couple more friends, just to lay back and have fun. Not even realizing how late it was and the fact that you were soaking wet in need of a change of clothing, you invited yourself over for a small sleepover.

"Thanks, Steve." You say as your teeth chattered due to the cold, chilly air as he wrapped a towel around your shoulders. You shot Steve a small smile that he gladly returned before walking over to his dresser to dig for a shirt he could lend you.

Steve was and has been your best friend all through high school. When people saw a freak, he saw a beautiful human being that was just herself. When no one would sit next to you because they believed you were a nerd, Steve would plop down beside you and rope in all the you have read and done within the last 24 hours. He was someone you trusted. Someone you could see yourself falling for more and more. He showed you the real him over and over and over again. You couldn't help but think that he was someone you wanted to give everything to unlike any other girl.

"No problem, y/n. Just make sure you get out of those pants so I can get them in the dryer tonight so they're ready for you tomorrow." He said in one breath as he continued to look for a shirt. 

You look over at Steve, your bottom lip between your teeth. You looked around his room before looking back at the boy that had stood up straight to turn back to you with a shirt. You look him in the eyes as he holds out the shirt to you, and as you go to grab it, the towel drops down onto floor revealing your white laced bra covering your wet chest. You notice Steve's eyes widen a bit as they scan over your half naked torso, causing him to gulp before meeting your eyes again. You internally giggle at his new demeanor before stretching your hand out to grab the shirt, letting your hand graze against his slowly. You look from both of your hands and back up to Steve, a blush beginning to form onto your cheeks. Steve looks over you, taking a step closer slowly as if making sure you were aware of his every move. You take a step closer to Steve, his body now towering over you. You press a hand to his chest before looking up and into his eyes. With a swift move, Steve's lips were pressed against yours. Shocked at first, you hesitate, but then quickly deepen the kiss between you two pressing your chest against his blue sweater-ed chest. His hand coming into contact with your left cheek while the other one slithers around your waist pulling you down to sit down next to him on his bed. Both of your breathing deepens along with the kiss. Swiping his tongue over your bottom lip, you gasp causing him to gently fight against your tongue with his own. A moan falls from your lips as Steve gently lays you down, his body hovering over your own. He pulls away slowly before looking down at you, panting.

"Wait, won't this be--" You cut him off by quickly nodding wrapping your arm around his shoulders while the other one plays with the fabric of his sweater. He breaks the kiss lifting himself up to remove his sweater from over his arms before hovering over you once more. You breathe heavily as his lips are inches form your own, his eyes scanning over your now lustful ones. "Are you--Are you sure?" Hearing him ask you in a way you never thought he would, made your heart skip a few beats. You look down between the two of your bodies then back up at Steve. You smile at him softly pressing both of your hands onto his shoulders gently squeezing them with a nod. Steve smiles down at you, dipping down to reconnect your lips with his own. The faint music playing on the radio was faint as the night went on with you losing something very precious to you, with your best friend, Steve Harrington.

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