"Don't You Miss Me?"

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You walk down Hawkins High's teen filled hallways with your best friend Robin and Barbara on either side of you

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You walk down Hawkins High's teen filled hallways with your best friend Robin and Barbara on either side of you. Your side bag constantly bouncing against your hip with every step you take. Robin and Barb help themselves to start a conversation about how Nancy ditched both of them for someone like Steve. You understood why she'd drop everyone for him, but in return, he dropped you for her. You keep to yourself as you get to your locker, unlocking it before dropping in your note cards to grab your math book.

"Can you believe that?" You hear Robin say beside you as she nudges your side. You snap your head over towards her, but she ends up pointing over to the other side of the hallway. Your gaze meeting Steve's figure leaned against Nancy's locker, locking lips with hers. You feel your heart sink down deep into your stomach before turning to bury your face in your locker.

"We're really sorry Y/N." You nod at their apologetic apology, pulling yourself together before slamming your locker door shut, you grab the sweater he lent you that day he drove up beside you and took you home due to it raining outside. You begin to walk down the hallway towards Steve and Nancy. As Steve pulls away, his eyes meet yours. His mood goes from 0-100 the moment he notices that it's you. You take one step closer to them, handing Steve the sweater. He looks down at the sweater, raising a brow before slowly taking it from you. You nod towards Nancy, turning on your heels, walking towards your first class. You ignore the fact that you had left Barb and Robin back by your locker, but you could care less. You were holding yourself together better than you had expected. 

The moment you make it into your math class, you take the farthest seat from the front. You hear the bell ring, causing you to look out the classroom window at the kids scattering to get into the building on time. You begin to hear your professor speak, but to you, it's faint. You hear someone sit down beside you, and you hear the desk beside you get dragged more towards you.

"Hey." You're snapped back to reality by a hand pressing itself firmly against your arm. Your body stiffens as you turn your head to see who's hand this belongs to. As you meet the eyes of Steve Harrington, your body relaxes ever so gently. You give him a fake smile before looking away from him and towards your professor to listen in on the lecture. "Can we talk?" You can feel his breath brush against your cheek, causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand. You stay silent causing him to groan, annoyed at the fact that you were playing so hard to get. You continue to listen in on the lecture before pulling out your notebook to write down notes. 

You begin to jot a few things down before a piece of paper finds its way onto the corner of your desk labelled "Important". You sigh before looking over at Steve, he's facing forward but you can tell he's looking at you from the corner of his eye. You look back at the note, flipping it open.

Steve: Why'd you give me back that sweater I gave you? 

             Are you mad at me?

You flick your tongue over your bottom lip before pressing the lead against the piece of paper.

You: No, I am not mad at you.

Was cleaning out my locker. Saw it. Wanted to return it. Thanks.

You fold the paper back up before discretly passing it back over to Steve. The moment you set it down, he went to grab it. Eager to see your response. You feel your cheeks heat up at the fact that he's actually eager to talk to you enough to pass you a note. You shake your head, focusing back on your notes. The piece of paper landed back on your desk and Steve had leaned back in his chair pressing his hands behind his back. You flip it open to see his response.

Steve: You could've kept it.

You sure you're not mad at me?

You  roll your eyes at his response before jotting down in response.

You: Not mine to keep.

I'm sure.

You return the note over to him, but this time he took his time to retrieve it. The moment he retrieves it, he looks over your words. Even though you were focused on the lecture, you were also trying to read his expression. You notice him nod before leaning back over to write something else down. The note landing back onto the corner of your desk. You open to read it.

Steve: I miss you.

You read over those 3 words over and over again, not sure what to respond with. Of course you missed him, but did you want to admit it and look stupid if he decides in another 5 minutes that he doesn't miss you? You look over towards him, a pencil between his index and middle finger. The pencil quickly taps against his desk, his eyes already gazing on you, waiting impatiently for a response. You sigh  before looking back down to analyze the 3 words again, and decide to go with your gut. 

You: Steve, you have no idea how much I miss you. But, ever since Nancy... You've been different. I mean, I don't expect you to keep someone like me as a friend while you are dating the one and only Nancy Wheeler, but seriously? I gave your sweater back because I don't want to constantly be reminded of the fact that you left me behind. You haven't looked at me for weeks up until now. So why, Harrington? Why now?

You hand him over the note one last time, not wanting to deal with his constant ball of confusion. You had dealt with enough, he didn't deserve you. You felt the slip of paper gently hit your elbow, causing you to turn to look at Steve. But he wasn't looking at you. This time, his head held low. You open the slip to read his response.

Steve: I don't deserve you as a friend. I know that. Let me take you home after school so we can talk about this. I truly do miss you. Don't you miss me?

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