Waiting to Happen

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The rain tapped against your window, as faint thunder could be heard off in the distance. You lay on your bed, your arms under your head to prop it up slightly. Your eyes close as the sound of the rain overtakes the commotion from down the hall. Your parent's voices can be heard a few doors down from your bedroom. They were fighting about what they fought about most. Dad cheating. Mother sneaking in liquor when she claims to have been sober for 6 months. Money. Your body jerks as you hear a door slam from downstairs. That's when the fighting stopped. That's when you couldn't hear anymore voices. Just the pitter patter of the rain and the thunder from outside. You turn on to your side, pushing one of your hands under your pillow before resting the other gently against the bundled up sheets that laid across your body. You let out a soft sigh before slowly closing your eyes. Your eyes jolt open the moment you hear someone knocking on your bedroom door. Confused you look at the clock that read "1 am." Grunting you push the blankets off of your body before walking over to your bedroom door. Swinging it open you are face to face with your brother's best friend. Steve Harrington. You let a soft gasp fall from your slightly open lips as he rests his body against the door frame. 

"Hey, you okay?" His tired and rustic voice overpowered the sound of the storm happening just outside the house. You look between his eyes before wrapping your arms around yourself at the sudden feeling of vulnerability hitting you. You nod softly before pulling your bottom lip between your front teeth.

"Did Jacob send you to come check up on me?" You run your hands up and down your arms before looking back up to meet Steve's gaze. A smile slowly began to form across his face at the sight of his sudden decency to check up on you, himself. He shrugged his shoulders before parting his lips to speak.

"No. He's actually passed out. Deep sleeper." He says nodding before letting out a soft chuckle. The air is filled with awkwardness between the two of you, causing you to clear your throat as his hand gets thrown back to run through his hair. He bites down on his lip softly before you notice his brows furrow. "I just wanted to come check on you. I know they fight all the time. Jacob tells me all about it. He also tells me that it affects you." You slowly nod your head before looking over his facial expression. Sincerity. 

"So, you came knocking on my door at 1 AM to check up on me because you're worried about me?" You feel a small grin form on your lips as Steve's eyes widen, his eyes nearly bulging from the socket. You let out a small laugh before pushing at his shoulder. "I'm kidding." Steve lets out a breathy laugh before patting over the spot you nudged him at. "I'm fine, Steve." Your lips soften into a fine line before looking down at your feet. Your cheeks beginning to heat up at the gesture. 

"Good. Well, I should--" Both of you begin to talk at the same time, hoping this moment would end before it got even more awkward and touchy feely for you. 

"Yeah. Me too. School." You smile wide before pursing your lips getting ready to close the door as you notice Steve slowly take a step back. You're close to closing the door before you feel the door resisting to close. You sigh, swinging the door open again, as Steve fiddles with his hands. "Yeah?" His eyes drift between yours before closing the gap between the two of you. Wrapping an arm around your waist as his other hand presses firmly against your cheek, leaning down pressing his lips gently against yours. You're shocked. I mean, this is your brother's best friend. And he's standing here. In YOUR room. Kissing you! You feel him pull away before you get the chance to kiss back.

"I'm--I'm sorry." You hear him say before turning on his heels as he quickly rushes back into your brother's room, closing the door. You look in both directions down the hall, making sure your mother nor your brother somehow witnessed what just happened between you and Harrington. You quickly close your door, pressing your body against it before turning so your back faced the door. You smile softly before pressing your fingers against your lips. Dancing over to your bed, you rush to get under the covers, now the sound of your heartbeat louder than the storm, itself.


You wake up to the sound of your mother's voice and banging against your door. "Breakfast." You roll your eyes as you push the blankets off of your body, standing up before slipping on your slippers. 

"Someone's panties are in a twist." You growl before fixing your shirt while walking to your bedroom door. You gasp before doing a double take as you see Steve in front of your bedroom door, causing you to take a step back. You press your hand over your chest, breathing heavily.

"Didn't mean to scare you." You grunt pushing your hands down to your side, shoulders slumped over. You knew exactly what he was there to do. Apologize for the kiss. A kiss that was, to you, waiting to happen. You looked up to meet Steve's gaze once more, eyebrows raised. He puts his hands into the pockets of his fitted jeans. "Look. About last night, I want to apologize. I had no right to kiss you when you were completely vulnerable. I mean, your parents were fighting, it was storming, it was late, and dark." He closes his eyes, squinting them a bit. "What I'm trying to say is--" You cut him off by pressing your smaller figure against his tall one, running your hands up his arms and around his neck before leaning in to press your lips against his. This time causing him to be taken back by your sudden actions. You pull away from his lips, grinning from ear to ear. You even out the sleeves of his shirt before patting his chest. And with that, you walk around him and down to the kitchen for breakfast. 

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