That's Pig Latin, Dingus

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You worked with Steve and Robin at Scoops Ahoy during the summer so you could save up to buy yourself a car. You rode your stupid bike to work every single day, which not only did you live 15 minutes away from Starcourt Mall, but you also had a mother that could easily take you to and from work but simply refuses to. You arrive at Starcourt Mall, placing your bike in the racks before locking it up safely and securely. You take your helmet off before brushing your fingers through your hair. You groan as your fingers get caught in your sweaty hair, causing you to angrily rip your fingers right through the knot, causing you to groan in pain. You sigh before adjusting your backpack, walking in to Starcout Mall through the sliding doors.

On your way to Scoops, you run into a few of the kids that seemed to always hang around your work because of Steve Harrington. Honestly, you could see why they liked him so much and wanted to be around him all the time. You smile before waving over to them before dropping your head back down to focus on your steps to Scoops. The moment you walk into Scoops, you look up to see that Steve is nowhere in sight. You look at a very annoyed Robin as she took care of Lucas' sister, Erica. She always comes in trying to get free ice cream. Completely violating our free sample policy. You roll your eyes with a grin on your face before pushing the back door, designated for staff, open. The moment you take a step in, you jump as you notice Steve walking around eating a banana while a younger boy sits while listening to some type of recording. You press a hand to your chest before raising your brows in their direction.

"Oh, hi y/n." You give him a faint smile before looking at the boy that is already grinning at you. You give him a wider smile before turning around, punching yourself in so you can begin work. As you go to turn around, you notice the whiteboard that had your data on Steve Harrington, be completely changed into weird shapes and letters.

"Hey, that was important data, dingus." You throw your hands in accusation towards Steve and the boy sitting beside him. Steve took a few steps away from where he was standing, which was only a few steps from your position. Stuffing his face with another bite of his banana, he looks at you with furrowed brows. The boy sitting beside him looks at you. Parting his lips to speak.

"Trust me, this is more important than your data." You roll your eyes before crossing your arms over one another. Raising a simple brow, the side of your lips curling up into a cheeky grin.

"Oh yeah? And what makes you think that these infamous Russians are plotting some kind of evil scheme?" With that eyebrow raised, you look between Steve and the boy sitting beside him. They frantically look at each other before whispering to one another.

"How does she know about the Russians? Did you tell her?" The boy sitting down interrogates the man standing in front of you causing you to internally laugh at the situation at hand. Steve's eyebrows raise as he looks at the boy beside him quickly mumbling an "I don't know" with a mouth full of banana.

"I can hear you guys. In fact, I can hear everything you guys are saying. You guys are very loud." You say clearing your throat as both of their eyes land back on your figure. You look between Steve and the recorder in the center of the table they are using in order to translate what the Russians have in store for Hawkins. You go to reach for it, but before you can, Steve snatches it away from your grip.

"What are you doing?" He holds the recorder tightly in his grip and close to his chest. You stand straight, flipping your hair behind your shoulders as you breathe out heavily.

"I want to help." Steve looks at you before looking down at the, yet again, stranger sitting beside his lean figure. And with a swift movement, he's looking back at you with a confused look.

"Why?" He emphasizes on the word 'why' as he asks. You shrug your shoulders and begin to smile.

"Maybe because I can help? I'm fluent in 4 languages you know." You say confidently and proudly at the two people in front of you.

"Russian?" The stranger speaks causing you to clear your throat once more before speaking out loud. You speak Pig Latin without them even knowing, causing them both to scream out shocked.

"That was Pig Latin, dingus." You say before letting out a small giggle. You notice Steve finish up his banana before looking down at the boy beside him, hitting him with the peel before calling him an 'idiot.' You shake your head at the two, adoring the relationship these two have with each other. You smile wide at them before turning to see Erica pesturing Robin. You groan before turning to look back at dingus and the stranger beside him. You hold your hand out for the recorder before gesturing your head over to Robin.

"Alright Stevie, it's your turn to go sling ice cream. Save Robin before she decides to quit and leaves me here with you." You joke holding out your ice cream scooper towards Steve. He becomes hesitant on giving you the recorder, but sighs before taking the scooper at the same time he hands you the recorder.

"I'm not that bad." He scoffs slouching before walking around you to exit out into the main lobby of Scoops Ahoy. You watch him as he walks out defeated before turning to look at the boy that stayed behind. He smiles up at you with a toothy grin before lifting his hand up to wave slightly.

"I'm Dustin." You giggle at his introduction before walking around the table and beside him.

"I'm y/n. Now scoot over so we can crack this code you guys are so worried about." You take a seat beside Dustin as he scoots over. He rests his elbows on the table as you begin to replay the recording of the Russians.

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