Sneak Out

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You look over the notepads laying in front of you on your desk, all placed neatly in a row so you can study

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You look over the notepads laying in front of you on your desk, all placed neatly in a row so you can study. You run your finger down the words written down on each line, quietly repeating it to yourself. You shriek as you hear a knock coming from your window. You turn in your chair and smile wide as you notice your best friend propped up outside your bedroom window. You bounce off your chair, rushing towards the window. As you raise the window up you stop him before he can enter.

"I'm studying for Chemistry tomorrow. So, if you come in here, you have to be quiet." You grin as you put emphasis on the word "have". You notice him press his fingers to his lips, pretending to zip it before locking it and throwing the key to the side. You giggle before rolling your eyes. You move out of the way so he could climb in. You go to sit back down at your desk to focus again. You are interrupted from trying to get back to work by a loud crash behind you. Steve looks from you to the small shelf of books placed by the window. You sigh, shaking your head before standing back up to help him up. As he gets up on his feet, he fixes his jacket before pointing to himself.

"See? Like a ninja." You laugh before shoving his shoulder to the side. You notice Steve's smile become wider as you push him away making him wrap his arm around your waist as he falls onto your bed. You gasp as you fall down beside him. You're quick to push yourself back up, but you end up getting dragged back down by your best friend. You feel him bury his face in your neck, you feel butterflies swarm in your stomach at the feeling of his closeness towards you. You sigh pressing your head flat against the bed, nudging id down a bit to rest your chin against his head. You wrap an arm around his shoulder, gently running your fingers through his hair. You begin to close your eyes to enjoy this moment but Steve takes it to a whole new level. "You said you're studying. Go study!" He stands from his position, grabbing a hold of your hand before helping you stand up straight with him. 

"What are you going to do, Harrington?" You press your hands to your hips before pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. He laughs before sitting back down on your bed, beginning to bounce against it.

"I'll watch." You raise a brow inching your head to the side before letting out a small laugh.

"You'll be quiet, right?" He looks up at you, stopping his bouncing before standing up. His figure leaning over yours. He slides beside you walking over to your desk, grabbing onto the note cards. He brushes them against his fingertips and palm. Shrugging he looks at you.

"Or I can help you?" He plasters a wide grin against his lips before jumping over the bottom board of your bed, his arm and back resting against it as he flips through the cards. You stand there for a moment, admiring him. He turns to look at you, an eyebrow raised. "You coming?" You shrug walking over to your side of the bed, sitting down parallel from him.

He begins to ask you questions, you getting every single one right. He sighs flopping down against your bed, the flashcards falling all around him.

"Hey, you're supposed to help me!" You laugh as he pretends to play dead, sticking his tongue out. "Okayyy, I guess I'm just going to end up failing that test and not be able to see you." He props himself up quickly before you let out a giggle. Shaking his head he lets out a breathy chuckle. 

"How about, for every question you get right, you get to ask me anything or kiss me? But if you miss one, I get to ask you a question or kiss you. Sound fair?" Your eyes bulge from your sockets as you process the ultimatum. You nod slowly, since either way, it's a win win situation for you. He smirks as he looks up at you then down at the questions. He shakes his head before finding a different question. He clears his throat before asking the question. "Here's one, Which chemical causes Minamata disease?" 

You freeze in your spot, not remembering the answer to this question. You clear your throat, beginning to answer, but you end up getting caught off by Steve leaning closer to you, pressing a hand to your cheek and his lips against yours. You're shocked at first but begin to kiss him back. You press your hand against the side of his cheek before moving it towards the back of his neck, gently playing with the ends of his hair. He pulls away from you, slowly opening his eyes. They meet your own warm toned ones. You blush before looking away from him. He chuckles softly before grabbing onto your chin to make you look at him again. 

"You are beautiful Y/N Y/L/N." 

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