"Get Sheet Faced?" Part 1

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You laugh along side with Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers as you three walk out into the school hall. Getting stopped on your way out by a girl passing out bright orange slips. She greets Nancy with a fake smile, handing her an invitation to her Halloween Bash. She turns to look at you, up and down, a smirk playing on her lips as she hands you one.

"Looking good, y/n. You better make it to my party. Oh and bring Steve." You mentally roll your eyes at her demand. Before looking away, you notice her look down the hall at someone giving them a flirtatious wink. You turn your head to look in the direction she sent that wink, to find a baffled looking Steve Harrington leaning against one of the school's walls lined up with lockers. You were best friends with Steve Harrington. Have been since you guys were in diapers. You loved him. You were there when Nancy hurt him. When he got his ass beat up by Byers. When he always felt alone while his parents were out of town. You sigh waving towards Nancy and Johnathan as you walk towards your best friend.

"Good afternoon beautiful." You look up to see Steve already looking down at you. A wide grin placed on his lips. With an arm slithering its way around your shoulders, you half smile.

"I'm not." You mutter softly pushing your long brown hair behind your ear. You hear him scoff before pulling you out from the middle of the hall and into one of the restrooms. "Steve... This is the girl's room."

"Look y/n. I'm getting real fed up with you constantly degrading yourself. Look at you." You feel heat begin to rise on your cheeks as you bite your bottom lip, looking away from him for a split second. Just to look back up at him.

"I'm sorry. It's just... I'm no, Nancy Wheeler, or Stacy McGee, nor am I Taylor-" You get caught off with Steve pressing a firm finger against your lips to shush you. You meet his eyes, his looking deeply into yours.

"Am I with any of those girls right now, y/n y/l/n?" You shake your head slowly as his finger moves from your lips to draw a fine line against your jaw, causing goosebumps to rise against your skin. Your breath becomes shaky as you watch his eyes move from your own to watch the movement of his finger.

He removes his finger from your jaw as the bathroom door flies open with a bunch of laughing girls. They become silent as they see you pressed against the wall by Steve Harrington. One of the blondes pop her bubblegum as they file in and go into the bathroom stalls. You sigh as you see Steve eyeball each one. Pushing his chest farther away from yours, you push past his figure and out of the restroom. You begin to walk down the now empty hall. Steve has always found a way to reel you in, but then he'd turn around and mess it up for the both of you. Anyone would be lucky to have you. You're loyal, dedicated, a good listener. You're the full package. And it seemed like everyone but Steve knew that. You feel fingers wrap around your wrist, stopping you from walking any further. You stop in your tracks, turning around to see Steve. You pull your arm from his grip, crossing both arms over your chest. You stay silent.

"Why'd you walk out like that? Did I do something?" He pushes his hands into the front pockets of his jeans, his eyes studying your expression. You look up at him, bringing your fingers to your the locket hanging from your neck. You notice him look down at your fingers. His eyes look over your face before walking closer to you, his fingers graze over your collarbone before he grabs the locket in his fingers. He studies it before biting his bottom lip. "You miss him?" You grab the locket from his grip, pushing it back into your shirt. The picture contained in that locket was of your brother that got taken from you and trapped in the upside down with Will. Will survived. Your brother protected Will until he couldn't anymore. He sacrificed his own life for Joyce's son. You couldn't be mad at him for doing so, but you would've liked to see him one last time. You feel Steve's fingertip brush against your cheek, wiping a tear you didn't even realize you had let fall. You sniffle before looking down, nodding.

"Everyday, Steve." You shrug before turning on your feet just to get your shoulders gripped onto by Steve's strong grip.

"Y/N, you can't keep this all bottled up. How about we..." He looks around before noticing an orange slip in your backpack pocket. He takes it between his fingers, walking around your body to face you. He holds it up for you to see the paper as he unfolds it. "We can go to this. Together. Act like we are just normal teenagers for the night, yeah? How does that sound?" You snatch the paper from him. 

"Get sheet faced?" You scrunch your nose up at how corny that sounded coming from your mouth. This will be your first Halloween without your brother. You weren't sure if it would be the best idea for you. You look up from the invitation to meet the eyes of Steve Harrington pouting his bottom lip out at you. You sigh waving your hands a bit. "Fine. We can go."

"YES!" You roll your eyes at his excitement. He leans down grabbing your face in his hands, kissing your forehead. "I'll pick you up at 8." He hollers back at you as he runs down the hall. Pushing the school doors open, he rushes to his car to find a costume for tonight.

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