"Get Sheet Faced?" Part 2

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The clock strikes 7:30 as you pull the dress over your shoulders. You decided to go as Lorraine Baines from yours and Steve's favorite movie, Back to the Future. You remember overhearing Harrington tell you that you needed to dress up like her as one of your costumes for Halloween. And since he wanted tonight to be the night you act like nothing is wrong here in Hawkins, you decided to go for it. For yourself and for Steve. You pull the pins out of your hair before spraying it with this hairspray Steve had lent you. Taking one last look at yourself in the mirror, you do a quick twirl. You stop as you hear your mother call for you downstairs. You turn to look at the clock. 7:57.

You rush down the stairs, putting your flats on in the process as you see a very handsome Steve Harrington leaning against the stair case looking away from you as he talks to your mother. He seemed to be the only one your mother tolerated. She knows how boys are and in this time and age, she just wanted what was best for you. That being, Steve.

"Hi Steve." You shyly say as you make it to the very last step on the stair case. The moment seemed to go in slow motion as Steve whips his head around, hair following behind, eyes looking over your figure. His eyes widen a bit as his mouth falls open. You giggle stepping onto the ground pressing a finger under his chin, closing his mouth. "Don't want you catching any flies." You notice him do a double take, constantly blinking his eyes before smiling down at you.

"Wow. I mean... No just, wow." He shakes his head a bit before holding an arm out for you to take. "Shall we?" You nod with a wide smile on your face before looking over at your mom. She smiles at the both of you, snapping a quick picture. She opens the door for the both of you.

"Bring her home before midnight, Harrington." You blush covering your face in one hand as you feel Steve turn around, nodding. 

"Anything for you, Mrs. Y/L/N." As he turns back around, he nudges you, causing you both to laugh as he walks you to his car. He flings open the passenger side door for you, holding a hand out for yours then gesturing you to get into the car. You say a small 'thank you' as he closes the door after you're completely in. You watch as he crosses around the front of his car to get to his side, dancing a bit before getting in causing you to let out a few giggles. The entire car ride there, you and Steve crack jokes and make bets as to who dressed up as who. Usually those bets causing you both to bicker a bit, back and forth. Faint music plays in the car as Steve pulls up to house with music blasting. You groan before looking over at Steve.

"Do we have to do this?" You hear Steve chuckle before grabbing your hand in his. The electricity and warmth taking over your senses and your body, causing you to look back up at Steve. The air now seemed to become hot and heavy as you realized you and Steve were inches apart. You clear your throat before pulling back. Steve smiles softly at you, leaning over to look at the house.

"How about we go in there, give it maybe 30 minutes to an hour. And if we don't like it, we can go back to mine and watch movies till I need to take you back home." Steve shrugs with a smug smile on his face as you looks between your eyes and the house. You nod softly resulting in getting a soft squeeze from Steve's grip on your hand. He lets go of it, your body now seemingly cold. He opens his car door, closing it behind him as he walks over to your side, opening the door once more.

"What a gentleman." You giggle softly as you hear Steve mock you. You two walk side by side, but sadly, he wasn't as close to you as you wanted and needed him to be. Steve lifts his hand up grabbing the door handle in his hand, turning it to open the door fully. Loud 80's rock being heard throughout the entrance. You take a step in, along with Steve, to see groups of people dancing on each other, drinking together, and those stragglers waddling upstairs with someone they had met 5 minutes ago. You look up at Steve as he gives you a reassuring smile and nod. Pulling you into his arms, he leans down to whisper into your ear.

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