"It's a date."

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"Y/N, you made it!" You walk into the two double doors to the party , being met with Billy Hargrove with just blue denim jeans and a leather jacket draped over his naked torso. You smile at him raising your brows.

"Yeah, Billy. I made it." You say dryly getting pulled by your waist to the keg they had outside.

"Your turn." You laugh softly shaking your head.

"Billy, I can't. I have finals tomorrow." Billy shrugs his jacket off, tossing it over to Tommy. He leans down and presses his bottom lip to your ear.

"Come on y/n. Show us all that you still have a little bit of life still in ya." You hold a hand up to Billy's chest before pushing him away gently. With raised brows you smirk before taking off your flannel.

"Grab me." You walk over to the keg as everyone cheers. You do a quick handstand with Billy Hargrove grabbing a hold of your ankles. You're chugging the alcohol as everyone around you begins to cheer. You finish chugging, having Billy set your feet back down. You throw your hands up in the air, receiving loud hollers from everyone around you. You laugh wiping away the left over alcohol from your lips.

"That's my girl." You hear Billy say draping an arm over your shoulder, kissing the top of your head before turning around to throw his hands up in the air again. You shake your head watching Billy and his posse choose another victim for the keg. Before you realize you bump into something, or should I say someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." You whisper, keeping your head down.

"It's okay y/n. It's okay." You hear Steve's soft voice comfort your embarrassment, you look up at him giving him a small smile. You turn to walk away but he grabs your hand, you turn to look back up at him and then making sure Billy didn't notice. "You're Billy's girl right?" You scoff at the way Steve said that, making it sound like you were Billy's property.

"I'm not his anything." You growl at him, before you knew it, Billy had walked up behind Steve.

"What do you think you're doing talking to what's mine, Harrington?" His voice laced with anger and jealousy.

"Look man, I was just asking her a question." Steve says sternly, holding his ground, turning around to meet Billy. Billy laughs putting a toothpick between his teeth. He looks at the guys behind him, then laughs, before lunging at Steve. He grabs a hold of his collar, slamming him against the wall.

"Billy!" You scream, pushing people away from the scene to get to his side. You continuously scream at Billy to let Steve go, but he just continues to get into his face. So you do what no one else would've done. You hit the back that belonged to Billy Hargrove. He stops talking before turning to look back at you. Dropping Harrington in the process.

"Did you just-- hit me?" Billy now walks over to you grabbing your face in his big hands before shoving you down on the ground. "I'm Billy fuckin' Hargrove. And who are you? Nothing!" He spits on your limped body before laughing and walking away with the basketball team. Everyone goes back to doing what they were doing before the big scene as if nothing had happened. You pick yourself up off the ground, having trouble until Steve rushes over to you, grabbing your arm. He helps you up but you brush your arm out of his grip. Keeping your head down you try your best to make it to the front door but Steve stops you.

"Y/N." You stop, hearing Steve call your name, and as you turn to look at him, his facial expression softens at the look of your red cheeks.

"What, Harrington? Never had a girl fight your fight?" You look him up and down before walking out of the party, Steve hot on your trails.

"No, never. Can you stop? Stop walking?" He is now desperate to get your attention. You turn to look at him, crossing your arms over your chest.


"Has he, done that before? Hit you?" You laugh biting your tongue before looking down to shake your head.

"Nah. He's done much worse. But you don't see me complaining." You stand there, vulnerable in your spot.

"You can leave him, you know?"

"I was never his, to leave Harrington. I'm my own person Steve. I believe in what I believe in and I fight for what I fight for. You just happened to need help, so I helped."

"But you got pushed down. And what, for me?" You look up at him before wiping your cheeks.

"Yeah, shit bird. For you." You get ready to turn away again but Steve stops you once more.

"So what, that's just it?" You turn to look at Steve one last time shaking your head scoffing. This was something Billy called a "moment." And when he had his moments, you'd have to walk away and wait for when he was ready to see you again. Then that cycle would repeat.

"Not even close, Harrington." You whisper before turning away from him to walk yourself home.

As you find yourself walking on a dimly lit road, you hear a car off in the distance. You hold your thumb out in hopes that person would stop and pick you up to take you home. You laugh to yourself as you shake your head, seeing the car slow down beside you. And in that car, was Steve Harrington. His car comes to a full stop, along with your figure. You cross your arms as he rolls down the passenger side window.

"Need a ride?"

"I'm sure I live passed where you're going." He looks at you, eyebrows raised.

"So? I'd rather drive out of my way to take you home, than drive away not knowing if you're home safely, or not." You bend down a bit to get a good look at Steve.

"You never take no for an answer, do you?" He laughs softly before looking at his hand on the steering wheel before peering back at you.

"Get in y/n." You smile softly at Steve before nodding climbing into the passenger seat of his car. The car ride to your place was quiet with distant music playing in the background. You give Steve directions to your place and before you knew it, Steve was parked on the curb in front of your place. You turn to look at him with a small smile.

"Thanks for the ride." You go to open the door but Steve locks it. You quickly turn to look at Steve. "What the hell? Open the door ass hat." You shout at him. He continues to open his mouth to say something before closing it once more.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Can you not murder me?" Steve laughs at your question directed towards his own. He looks at you before biting his lip.

"Now why would I drive you home, just to murder you?" You shrug eyes wide.

"Who knows?" You say slowly but surely relaxing into the seat again. "What is it?"

"So, there's this new movie coming out. It's called "Back to the--Past? Present?" You cut him off.

"Future." You correct him, he looks at you before smiling wide, nodding.

"Back to the Future." He clears his throat before turning to look at you. "Would you maybe wanna go see it? With--With me?" You couldn't help but smile at Steve's invitation.

"Are you asking me out, shit bird?" You giggle biting down on your bottom lip. He chuckles shaking his head before nodding.

"I am, y/n. So, yes? No?" You lean over to kiss his cheek, letting your kiss linger before pulling away and looking into his eyes.

"Sure. Get times, call me, and then pick me up for that date." You smile wider, his eyes wide. You laugh softly before leaning over his body to unlock the car doors. You turn around, getting out of Steve's car closing the door. You lean down again to get a good view of Steve. "Thanks again for the ride. Call me." You begin to walk towards your front door.

"But, I don't have your number!" He shouts from his car, you giggle before spinning around on your heels.

"Check your left jacket pocket." You bite down on your lip before turning back around. Entering your house, you close the door and turn off the front porch lights. And with that, Steve drove off. You, ma'am, have a date with Steve freaking Harrington. 

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