Ahoy Ladies.

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You worked with Steve Harrington at Scoops Ahoy

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You worked with Steve Harrington at Scoops Ahoy. You were the lead of Scoops, while he was backup. No matter what day, or time of the day, Steve was always working a shift with you. I mean, it's not like you minded or anything because, come on, it was Steve Harrington. 

"And another one bites the dust." You say pulling out your white board dedicated to Steve's helpless efforts of trying to pick up any girl that swooped into Scoops. Steve turns around facing you, defeat written all over his pretty face.

"Yeah. I know." He sighs walking over to the window you had popped up behind, now face to face with the heartthrob, himself.

"You are 0 for 6, Popeye." You say trying to hold in your laughter as he looks at you as you add another tally mark to your bored labelled "You Suck." You see his eyebrows raise before leaning against the ice cream bar, crossing his arms over his chest. 

"Yeah, yeah. I can count." He says biting down on his bottom lip as he looks at the tally mark, obviously annoyed.

"You know that means you suck." You explain to him, emphasizing the word suck. You see him fuming with a bit more annoyance that you kept egging him on about how much he sucked at picking any girl up without telling them partially the truth about himself and his life.

"Yep! I can read, too." Your jaw drops in a jokingly manor as you mock him. You went to high school with Steve and you always hated the fact that he had his looks but such a small sized brain. Every girl wanted him. And you were one of those girls. Yet, you were in band, you took acting classes, and Steve... Steve would never look your way. You weren't even in the ball park of being Steve's date.

"Since when?" You jokingly say, impressed that he could actually count AND read. He sighs shaking his head as he walks closer to you, resting his arms across the window bar to speak to you.

"It's this stupid hat. I am telling you, it is totally blowing my best feature." He searches around, gesturing to his hair with his hand as he speaks about his "hair" being his best feature. You continue to compose yourself as he speaks, speaking to him like he really has it rough.

"Yeah, company policy is a real drag." You say to him as he looks down and off into the distance as he sighs looking for a way around the company policy. "You know, it's a crazy idea, but have you considered telling the truth?" 

"Oh, you mean that I couldn't even get into Tech and my douche bag dad's trying to teach me a lesson? I make $3.00 an hour and I have no future? That truth?" You crack a smile at him for his blunt honesty. You notice a group of girls walk in while Steve is zoned out. 

"Hey, 12 o'clock." You gesture to him by pointing towards the group of girls walking in. You notice Steve turn to look back at the girls, muttering under his breath.

"Oh shit. Oh shit, okay." He says softly before turning to look back at you, freezing a bit as if asking for advise. Gaining the sudden confidence you hear him say that he's going in. You tilt your head to the side, impressed by his sudden burst of confidence. Kind of finding it nice to see on him for once. He suddenly stops, points at you, causing you to snap back to reality as he speaks. "And you know what?" Your eyes widen along with your eyebrows rising as he takes off his hat, tossing it to the side of you and into the staff lounge area. "Screw company policy." He says as he begins to walk backwards.

"Oh my god, you're a whole new man." You say looking at him as if that was a game changer. You hear him say right before shimmying his shoulders causing you to let out a laugh. You notice him quickly turn around as the group of girls get to the counter. 

"Ahoy ladies, didn't sea you there. Would you guys like to set sail on this ocean of flavor with me? I'll be your captain. I'm Steve Harrington." He stays quiet for a second as you watch him with the group of girls that begin to laugh at him for his outburst. "Can I get you guys a little taste of the Cherries Jubilee? No? Anybody? Banana Boat? Four people, four spoons? Share it in the booth? Anybody? It's hot out there." You sigh at his 7th attempt of trying to pick up the leader of the group of girls, mentally gagging as you add a 7th tally mark.

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