She's Not Here (Part 1)

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(Author's Note: Contains physical and verbal abuse. This one is short due to how long I made Part 2! Enjoy!) 

Steve's POV

*Ring Ring Ring*

The phone rang over and over again as Steve laid there asleep on the couch. He scrunches his face up to the sound of the phone before slowly opening his eyes. He looks around the dimly lit, quiet living room before sitting up to get to his feet. He walks over to phone before picking it up.

"Hello?" He questions with grogginess in his voice.

"Steve? Steve it's me. It's y/n. I--I need your help." Steve hears your voice before becoming more alert, his breathing picking up at your desperation.

"Y/N? Where are you? What's wrong? Everything okay?" He quickly asked in one single breath. The line goes silent for a second before he hears you cry softly.

"It's--It's Billy, Steve. We were at a party and Tommy was trying to get at me. I pushed him away. but Billy--Billy thought I was the one trying to get at Tommy. He hurt me, Steve." You cry softly into the phone.

"Hey, hey. Listen, where are you? I'll come pick you up." Steve says, his breathing only getting caught in his throat at the thought of someone hurting you.

"I'm on Maine, across from Tommy's..." Steve didn't give you a chance to speak after that sentence.

"I'll be right there." He quickly hangs up the phone before swinging a jacket over his shoulders. He rushes out to his car with his fingers fumbling with the keys. As he gets into his car, he barely gives it time to warm up before racing to go get you.


You stood out in the cold by the telephone booth. Arms crossed over to keep yourself warm. Tears fell down your face at the events that just unfolded minutes before.


You and Billy had gotten invited to Tommy H's party. The entire basketball team was going, and well, with Billy taking over Steve's position as captain, he was the first to invite more than just the team. You walk in, glued to Billy's hips. You and Billy were seeing each other, but Billy never wanted to make anything official. He said he breaks everything he touches. He has his moments with you, but you're always there by his crouched over body, running your fingertips over his spine, after every blow out.

"Want a drink?" Billy asks looking down at you. You weren't sure if being around a bunch of people you didn't know and consuming alcohol all at the same time was a good idea, but then again you were with Billy. So you had to take risks. You smile up at him nodding your head. He leans down to kiss your head before disappearing into the crowd. 

You stand there awkwardly by the entrance before someone gets closer to you, wrapping an arm around your waist from behind.

"Billy that was fast--" As you turn around you see Tommy. You gasp and begin to freak out as Tommy's hands wont budge from touching your waist. You begin to shove at his chest the moment you see him inching in to kiss you. You do everything you can to push Tommy away.

"Tommy stop!" You push even harder at his chest as his lips inch closer to your neck.

"Hey!" Tommy snaps away from you as he looks behind you to see Billy. He looks from Billy, down to you, then back up at him.

"Sorry Billy, your girl just couldn't keep her hands off of me." Tommy's arms fall from your waist as he smirks at you. You turn around to face Billy as Tommy fled the scene that was about to happen.

"Billy, it--it wasn't like that. I swear. I was just--" You get cut off.

"Really? Tommy?" He looks at you with a hard glare before shaking his head. "Outside. Now." You hated when Billy would tell you what to do, but you knew what Billy was capable of so you listened. You turned around on your heels and walked outside with him hot on your trails.

"Billy--" You get shoved down onto the ground. You gasp scraping your knee before turning around to see an angry Billy towering over you.

"Listen here, slut. You came here with me, right?" You nod but that just made him angrier, "Right?!" He now screamed getting closer to your face.

"Right." You could only whisper looking everywhere but at Billy.

"You come here with me. And then you go and turn around and try to go at one of my teammates?" You begin to shake your head quickly, trying to get back onto your knees.

"Billy, I would never do that to you. I really like--" Billy's arm goes up and before you know it, his hand forcefully came in contact with your cheek. It was enough force to have you get pushed over on to your side. Here comes the water works, the kicks, the screams.

"You are nothing, but a slut." He says taking a blow to your stomach with his left boot. You jump at the sudden contact, coughing. "You are a waste of space." Another kick to your stomach. "You are just like your mother." And with that, you let out a small cry before getting one last blow to your stomach. You begin to cough, blood pulling over your chin. You bury your face into the ground to keep him from seeing you in this state. Billy kneels down beside your body, tsk-ing. "You deserve this, y/n. And also, the only reason why I never wanted to tell people we were seeing each other was simply because of one thing. Look at me. Now look at you." And with that, you get spat on. You jerk a bit at the contact of his spit getting wadded into your hair. When you feel you're in the clear, you pull your knees to your chest, and cry.

-End of Flashback-

You stand there, now sobbing. The kicks and the blows seeming to be thrown at you all over again. You hear a car pull up before wiping your eyes. You hear a car door open and then close before you're engulfed into a hug.

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