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(Author's Note: The song above is what I pictured being played in this moment that you meet Steve Harrington for the first time! Read a bit slower than you normally would, and enjoyy.)

You're at your locker, books clutched to your chest, as your hands anxiously fiddle with your lock

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You're at your locker, books clutched to your chest, as your hands anxiously fiddle with your lock. It is your first day at Hawkins High and already, your morning has been long. You sigh in defeat as you've tried to open your locker with your combo more than 3 times. 10-24-36. No budge. You throw your free hand up in defeat before pressing your head against your locker. You look to the side,head still pressed against your locker, and notice a boy looking at you. You raised a brow towards him, as if to ask what he's looking at. You sigh as he looks away, looking back down. He looks back at his two friends that have planted themselves on the hallway bench, too focused on each other, before looking back at you. Slowly walking towards your leaned over figure, he taps you on your shoulder startling you. "Woah!" You jump back freaked out, screaming. He holds his hands up with an amused grin. You press your hand against your head.

"I am.. so sorry. I've had a long morning and I can't-" You get cut off by Steve grinning, before he speaks.

"No need to be sorry. Here, let me see your combo." He looks down at you, holding a hand out for your slip. He bites his bottom lip, studying the combo before trying it on his own. With a small pull, the lock comes undone. With an accomplished smile, he looks down at you, handing you the slip.

"Here you go." He shrugs looking down at you with a toothy smile. "I'm Steve. Steve Harrington." He holds his hand out for yours, leaning against the locker that was beside yours. You look down at his hand, fumbling with your text books. You reach over and shake his hand.

"My name's y/n. Y/l/n." You smile up at him before biting your bottom lip. He opens his mouth to speak, but the bell beats him to it by ringing. He looks up at the speaker as the principal makes an announcement asking for you to join him in the front office. He chuckles looking back down at you.

"Looks like you're needed somewhere else y/n. And hey, welcome to Hawkins High." He shoots you a quick wink before walking back down the hall to meet up with his friends. You bite your lip before rushing to put your books in your locker, slamming it closed. You leave the locker area and head for the front office. Steve turns around back towards your locker, seeing you have already fled. Repeating your name to himself, with a smile.

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