I Wish I Were Nancy (Heather)

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"Y/N, Nancy will be here in 5 minutes!" You hear your best friend holler from downstairs. You sit in your vanity chair, rolling your eyes mimicking to yourself as you sigh. Placing the necklace around your neck, you look at yourself in your mirror. You clear your throat before standing up. Walking towards your bedroom door, you take one last look in the mirror, pressing out the wrinkles in your short red dress. Opening your door, you slowly walk down the stairs. Steve stands at the bottom of the steps, glancing down at his watch before looking up at you as you walk down. He gulps, his eyes wide, a small smile playing against his lips. "Wow." 

"Oh hush." You giggle softly, nudging his shoulder to the side. You bite down on your bottom lip as he laughs, rushing towards the window to check to see if Nancy had arrived or not. You sigh softly, looking down at your feet. "You sure you want to go out tonight, Steve?" Steve turns to look at you, his brows furrowed. He takes a step closer to you and smiles softly.

"Are you having second thoughts? We don't have to go if you don't want to. It's just, it's Nanc-" The doorbell rings, cutting Steve off from finishing his sentence. Rushing to open the door, his eyes lit up the moment her figure came to view. It's not that you didn't like Nancy. It's just you loved Steve. And seeing that someone other than yourself had made his face light up the way it used to with you, hurt. You look down at your hands, playing with your fingertips. Nancy takes a step in and holds her hands out for you.

"Look at you! Oh my gosh, you look so beautiful!" Her voice rang through your ears, causing you to cringe. You put a fake smile on as you take her hands. 'Not as pretty as you, Nancy.' You say to yourself, causing your skin to crawl and your heart to ache. You notice Steve take her hand in his, pressing a kiss to her knuckles causing her to look away with flushed cheeks. She giggled as he pulled her into his side, placing his arm around her shoulder before walking out of the house and into the driveway where she had parked. You followed behind shortly. You watch as the two of them talk, wide smiles pressed against each other's lips. But only a frown played against yours.

You all take a seat in her car, you sit in the middle seat in the back. You pull the seatbelt over your small figure, pulling it around your body to clip. As you sit up straight, you notice Steve placing his hand against Nancy's thigh.  Her giggles filling the empty space in the car. You notice her lean over, pressing a kiss to Steve's lips. Holding them there for longer than they needed to be. You clear your throat, causing Nancy to break from Steve and turn to you. 

"Oh, I am so sorry Y/N. How rude of me." She says emphasizing how awkward this must be for all of us. But Steve glances at you through the rearview mirror, furrowing his brows as his eyes show remorse. You shake your head, turning to look out the window as she drives off to the Halloween party.  Once you guys get there, you were the last to leave the car. Leaning over to grab your bag from the backseat, you take it in your tight grip before turning around to see Steve and Nancy had already entered the house party. You let your hands fall to your side, your bag hanging low to the ground. You rest against the side of the car, leaning your head back as you feel the tears itch to escape your eyes. 

"Y/N?" You gasp quickly wiping your eyes as you turn to see Jonathan standing there. His hands pressed to his side. You let a small smile replace your frown as a breathy laugh falls from between your lips. He takes a few steps closer to you, holding his hand out for yours. You look down at it, before looking him in the eyes. Your small smile becoming wider at his decency. Taking his hand, you wrap your hand around his own before walking towards the house party. "You sure you want to go in there?" You sigh, taking in a deep breath.

"Just don't leave my side?" You plead as her just nods his head, giving your hand a small squeeze. You bite down on your lip, taking a step into the house party. The teenagers danced around you and Jonathan, drinking what they had referred the alcohol to as "pure fuel." You're walking through the crowd, seeing Nancy and the boy you loved dancing together. The wide smile you used to be the reason for, now being the one because of her. They looked real, together. They looked like they belonged together. You look back at Jonathan, his eyes already on yours. His smile fake and apologetic. You nod your head, pulling your hand from his. Pressing a kiss to his cheek as you rush out of the party house. Tears ran down your cheeks as you ran home. Never looking back.

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