Are You Bored Yet?

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"Steve, you look good

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"Steve, you look good." You huff in annoyance as your best friend, Steve Harrington, takes his shirt off tossing it to the side to see how a different shirt looks on him.

"I can't look "just good," y/n. I need to look-- I need to look great." You continuously watch as he puts on a red sweater placing his jacket over it. He rolls his eyes, taking his jacket off along with yet another shirt tossing them both to the side.  "Look, can you help rather than just sit there?"

You sigh walking over to his closet, swinging the door open. You race through each shirt he owns before pulling out a plain black one. You hold it out for him to take as you continue to look through his closet. You feel him take the shirt from your hand, pulling it over his head. You turn over to him in defeat for finding nothing else.

"That's all I can seem to find, Harrington." You say shrugging, crossing your arms. You watch him walk over to the mirror in his room. He places his jacket over the black shirt, fixing himself up a bit. And with a swift twirl, he turns to look at you with a wide smile and a nod.

"This is it, y/n. How do I look now?" You look over Steve's body and not gonna lie, you wanted to be the one Steve was getting all prepared for. The one he was so conscious of. But you weren't Nancy. The girl he's been hung up for awhile now. You move your hands up and down his body before looking at him with a wide forced smile. 

"You look amazing. I mean it." You bite down on your bottom lip as you watch him take one last look in the mirror, running his fingers through his hair. You sigh a bit walking towards his bedroom door. "You ready, dingus?"

You stand by his door as he tugs at his jacket one last time, turning to look at you.

"Show time." You giggle softly at his dedication to this girl that doesn't even notice.

You pull up in Steve's car, the silhouettes of your classmates, and more, dance along the windows. You sigh before flipping down the passenger seat's mirror. You place your fingertips against your cracked lips, running your tongue along it. You sigh before pulling your purse up to your chest, grabbing chapstick to glide over the dryness. You pucker up your lips before running a hand through your hair, before turning to look at Steve. His eyes already on you causing you to blush turning your head to look down. "Sorry." You mutter.

"Hey, hey." Steve turns to look at you in his seat, placing his hand on your shoulder making you look up and turn back towards his figure. "You look great. I mean it." Steve smiles a genuine smile, causing you to give him a smiled nod back. He sighs, unbuckling himself turning to open his door. He holds up a finger, turning around, grabbing his sunglasses before jumping out of his car and slamming the door shut. 

You sigh softly watching the boy you love walk into a mansion of rowdy people that considered Steve as the "king" of Hawkins High. You sink into his seat, looking at your appearance once more, opening the passenger door, closing it after you. You look down at your bag, stuffing  your perfume into it, walking forward towards the house with your head down, you feel your body collide into the back of someone else. You begin to fall back a bit before feeling someone's fingers wrap gently around your wrist to help you keep balanced. You gasped as the stranger pulls you up and into his body, a mixture of cigarettes and alcohol being masked by heavy body spray. 

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