The Prude

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In high school, she was the quiet girl. The one who was known for her bright smile, no matter the type of things she was going through outside of it. The girl who was so generous that it was so easy for her to not see clearly through people's true intentions. She was firstly brought up into a conversation with Steve, Tommy, and Carol when they noticed her walking through the cafeteria, doing her best to find a place to sit so she could eat her food in peace.

"Oh god... How depressing." Carol speaks between her and the two boys who sat at the table alongside of her. Turning both of their heads towards where Carol was looking, they are met with a figure so fragile that if they were to reach out towards her, she'd break at the slightest touch or graze. Smacking his lips together, Tommy turned to look back over at Carol with a smirk on his face.

"How about we invite Miss. Prude over to sit with us?" Steve's head snaps towards Tommy. His stomach getting this unnerving feeling in it as the corners of Tommy's lips curve up even more. "Yenno, research." 

"Research?" Furrowing his brows in confusion in Tommy's direction. Awaiting his voice to speak up once more.

"I heard she sucked off Mr. Higgins in order to get placed into school when we only have, what, a month and a half left of it? I want to see what else she'd be willing to do just to make some decent friends with what time she has left." Scoffing at Tommy's words. Steve looks between him and Carol. The bubblegum smacking between her lips caused him to grimace. His eyes widening as there was now an evil stare enlightening Carol's face as she agreed and nodded in his direction.

"Come on, man. Absolutely not." Tapping Tommy's chest in a warning matter, Steve brings his arms back in front of him to cross over his chest. With a squint of his eyes, Tommy completely disregarded Steve's threat. 

"Hey, newbie!" Tommy hollered, his hand in the air waving uncontrollably. His dark eyes stared into Steve's mortified ones. Peeling his eyes from Steve, he meets the eyes that hold back the pain everyone else is so blind to. Waving her over, her small sneaker covered feet made their way towards the corner of the elongated table the three were sitting at. Tommy looks up at her with what came across as a genuine smile, but to Carol and Steve, they knew what he was up to. He was going to completely humiliate this poor girl in front of the entire school. "What's your name again?"

"It's (y/n)." Her voice so delicate it had brought Steve from his trance of throwing daggers into his friend's back. Holding his hand out, Tommy gave her a toothy grin this time.

"Of course it is. With a face like that? How could I forget?" The heat radiated off of her cheeks as they turned a slight hue of light red. If she hadn't had blush on earlier, it sure did look as if she applied a new layer of it onto her cheeks. 

Tommy stood from his sitting position, waving his hands out in front of him and towards the now empty chair that resided next to Steve. Meeting Steve's stare, she had played it cool by giving him a light smile and nod. Placing her tray down on the table, she noticed that Tommy had yet to go take a seat around the girl you knew as Carol. 

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