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    You sit beside your best friend Steve and his girlfriend Nancy as they laugh at each other's jokes. You sit there silently, not sure how to feel or what to say about what's been happening behind Nancy's back. You feel someone hit your arm, quickly pressing your hand against the spot that was bound to bruise at any time. You look at the one who had hit you, it being your best friend Steve Harrington. You look at him with a blank stare before packing up your stuff, beginning to walk in the direction of an alley way between two school buildings. Knowing Steve, he was bound to follow you in that alley way. You needed to speak to him. What you both were doing behind your good friend, Nancy's back, was so wrong. But for some reason, it felt so good. You push yourself against the brick wall waiting for his shadow to appear and disappear in the shadows. As if on cue, you notice a tall shadow figure rushing towards you. Crossing around the corner, you meet his eyes. His lustful eyes. You nod towards him, dropping your bag on to the ground as he rushes over to you, wrapping his arms under your bottom, picking you up, pressing you up against the brick wall as he presses kisses over your jaw, down your neck, then back up to your lips. You moan as his lips attack yours, running your fingers through his hair, tugging at the ends of it. A groan erupts from his throat, causing you to smile against his lips. You feel his hand slip from under your ass, slowly up the end of your shirt. Swiping his tongue against your bottom lip, you allow him access to fight with your tongue. You feel his hand inch under your top, slowly crawling up to cup your breast in his big hand. You break from the kiss, licking your own lips, pressing your head against the wall as his hand roams over your chest. You smile softly, closing your eyes loving this feeling.

"W-Wait, Steve..." He suddenly stops, you whimper. You hate confronting Steve. But you hated being "that girl" every girl hated to be cheated on with. You tap his shoulders as if asking if he could put you down, he nods slowly and carefully dropping you. You press your head against his chest, biting your bottom lip. "We... We can't anymore Steve." You shake your head softly as you pull away from him, your hands pushing his body slowly away from yours. You meet his eyes, his eyes showing disbelief.

"We can't do what anymore?" He sighs rushing a hand through his hair as he brushes it down his face, aggravated. This is what you hated most about what the both of you were doing behind Nancy's back. You loved Steve. More than he'd ever know. But all of this, was wrong.

"You know what, Steve." You say crossing your arms over your chest, beginning to chew at the inside of your cheek. "We can't sneak around anymore. Not while you're with Nancy. She's a dear friend of mine--" You get cut off.

"And I'm not?" You feel Steve press both hands on each side of your face, pouting out his bottom lip. You roll your eyes at his childishness, pushing his hands away from your face.

"You know what I mean, Steve. I can't keep... We can't keep doing this." You look down at the ground before slowly looking back up to meet his eyes that are already glaring down at you. He scoffs taking steps back.

"You could've told me this sooner." He sighs wrapping his small towel around his neck, holding both ends as he looks at you, shaking his head. He closes his eyes for a split second before opening them back up, looking up at the sky. "This is bullshit." You gasp.

"This is not bullshit. You, Steve, are with Nancy. I'm just your friend. A girl you had sex with a couple of times on accident. Nothing serious." He shoots his head back down to look at you, his mouth agape.

"Nothing serious? It was pretty serious to me. That's why "this" is bullshit. I'm with her, but yet, here I am with you." He finishes that sentence, pointing in your direction. You put your arms to your side.

"Who do you want... Steve?" He half laughs before throwing his towel around turning away from you, shaking his head. Looking back at you, he shakes his head even faster.

"No. I'm not doing that. I'm not choosing."

"Well, if you don't choose, then we can't do this anymore... Actually, we can't do anything anymore."

"Like talk?" He questions getting closer to you, hovering over your fragile figure. You gulp, looking up to meet his eyes, nodding slowly. He looks from your eyes to your lips, licking his own. He shakes his head leaning down opening his mouth.

"Bullshit." He begins to walk away from you, stopping before looking back at you. "Even if we were to separate, I'd give it a day before we both go crazy without each other." And with that, turning on his heel, he leaves you to collect your own scrambled thoughts.

" And with that, turning on his heel, he leaves you to collect your own scrambled thoughts

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