"She's Gone."

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"So class, today we will be learning..." You look out the window at the cloudy grey skies as your professor's voice drowns out and the only thing you can hear is your own thoughts. You look from the window down to your open notebook, your fingertips fiddling with the pencil in between them. Single lines being drawn as your thoughts consume you. 

"Miss. Y/N?" You jolt as you are brought back to reality. You look up to meet a very displeased looking sheriff standing in front of the class with a green slip in his grip. You gulp as you slowly begin to gather up your items, placing your notebook and pencil in your bag, grabbing your history book before clutching it close to your chest. You hear faint gasps from other students resulting in the professor shushing them. You give her a small smile before nodding your head, taking one last look at your now empty desk and the desk that belonged to your dear friend. Turning to look at the sheriff, you follow him outside and down the hall to the principal's office. He opens the door for you, gesturing for you to walk in and take a seat in front of the intimidating principal's desk. You nod softly, dropping your bag down beside you as you sit. Silence consumes you once more as you fiddle with the broken fabric at the end of your blue skirt. You feel eyes on you, causing you to look over to the sheriff. His badge reading "Hopper". You feel on edge as he starts to walk back and forth, stopping in his tracks as the principal finally joins the two of you.

"Thank you for coming in, Miss. Y/N." You nod softly sucking in your cheeks gently chewing on the sides of them as you softly smile a sad smile. "Obviously, You know why we called you up here. Right?" You look from him towards the sheriff, slowly shaking your head before speaking for the first time in a few days.

"Did you--" You cut yourself off, clearing your throat, scrunching your skirt in your fist before looking back at the sheriff. "Did you find her Hopper?" He looks at you intently before looking down, reaching up to grab his hat in his hands, gently pressing it against his chest. Showing his condolences. You feel the air around you become suffocating. You stand up, grabbing on to the door knob. Standing still, you look at the glass seeing your reflection, a single tear falling down your cheek. You sniffle before wiping your cheek, swinging the door open before slamming it shut. You quickly walk down the hall, feeling all the air escaping, making it hard for you to breathe. You gasp before pressing your hands against either side of your head, gripping your hair gently in your fists, tugging gently. You feel the tears begin to fall nonstop. You drop to the ground, your head against the floor as your knees curl into your chest. You become silent after some time of crying. You jump softly at the feeling of a soft grip wrapping itself around your body, pulling you into their chest. You grab onto the persons shirt, crying into their chest. You breathe in their cologne before realizing it's Steve. You pull your head back slowly, looking up to meet his worried gaze. You stay in his grip, frozen. 

"Come on, let's get you out of the hallway." You nod softly as you pick yourself up, grabbing a hold of Steve's hand as he holds it out for you to take. He pulls you through the library and into an empty study area. You wrap your arms over one another, keeping your head down, not speaking. "Hey, hey." You hear Steve say softly before gently pinching at your shirt, beckoning for you to come closer to him. You fall into his grasp, pressing your cheek gently against the fabric of his jacket. You pull yourself away, wiping at the tears that you didn't even realize had fallen from your eyes. You look down at your fingers as you pick at each one before speaking softly.

"She's gone Steve." You look up at Steve through your lashes, his face of worry turning into sadness. His brows furrow as his eyes flicker from your figure to the ground. You notice him back up from you a bit, his lips parting slightly. 

"How is that even possible?" You hear him ask, your shoulders finding a way of shrugging before you could even answer that question. The atmosphere between you two becomes quiet before Steve speaks up again. "Are you okay? Is there anything I can do?" You scoff softly as his eyes find their way back, landing on your figure once again.

"Steve..." You shake your head quickly before biting down on your bottom lip, not wanting to cry anymore. You shake your head once more looking down at your feet then back up at him. "It's all my fault. If I wouldn't have left her alone, this..." You get cut off by Steve grabbing you by your waist, pulling you closer into him.

"Shh, it's not your fault. It's not our fault. We couldn't control this." He pulls you into a hug, you gently rest against his figure, emotionless. 

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