Don't You Miss Me? (Part 2)

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The final bell rang, meaning it was the end of another day for you. Throughout the day, it was hard for you to focus during class. Your mind was constantly reminding you of the note yourself and Steve passed back and forth to each other during first period. "I miss you." He missed you? What does that even mean? It rummaged through your head all day, but you couldn't figure out why he said what he said. All you knew was that, you missed him too. Allot. You stand up from your desk, pulling your books close to your chest before exiting your last class. You made it to your locker. Before you could open the locker door, you're bombarded by Robin and Barbara. Your eyes go wide as they stand before you, arms crossed. 

"Are you talking to Steve again?" You forcefully laugh at their question, slowly becoming silent. You cough a bit before clearing your throat and airing out your shirt. 

"Is it hot in here? Are you guys hot?"

"Y/N, stop avoiding the question. Is something going on that we don't know about?" Robin asked before crossing her arms over one another. Her facial features still and hollow. You scrunch your face towards her hostility and her second question of the evening. You look around before looking both of them in the eyes. 

"No, nothing is going on between us. We  haven't really talked." You say quickly before entering your locker code into your lock, the moment your locker becomes open, you swing the door open to find a note. You grab the note slowly and opened it.

"School parking lot. 3:15 PM. -Steve" 

You look from the note back up to a displeased Robin and Barb. You go to explain the note and yourself but they both turn on their heels to walk in the opposite way of the direction you guys usually walk. You let out a rugged sigh before placing your book in your locker, slamming it shut. You take a look up at the hallway clock that read 3:13 PM. You look around the hallway, to see the crowd of people slowly die down. You sling your shoulder bag over your shoulder once again before walking out of the school and into the school's parking lot. You look around for the car you know to be Steve's before spotting it off into the distance. You smile softly to yourself as your feet begin to walk before you can think. As you get closer and closer to Steve's car, you can see him resting against his car looking around for you. His eyes land on your figure as you come into full view. A wide smile creeping its way on to his face. 

"Right on time, Miss. Y/L/N." You let out a soft giggle before walking over to the passenger side, getting in without hesitation. You look at the rear view mirror, noticing him do a small dance before walking to the driver's side, getting in quickly. You notice he's out of breath, causing you to raise a brow before attempting to hold in your laughter. 

"You out of breath Harrington?" He looks straight ahead before looking at you from the corner of his eye. Shaking his head, he starts the car. Resting one arm behind the seat you're sat in with the other hand resting gently against the steering-wheel, he pulls out of the parking lot before making his way towards your house. The drive to your house was silent. Not an awkward silence. A more comfortable silence. You rested your head against the passenger window, watching as the trees passed by while the music played faintly throughout the car.

The car comes to a stop, making your head jolt up from its position. You inhale deeply before letting out a long breath of air. You know what's coming now. Confronting each other. You hated being confronted as to why things are the way that they have been or the way they are. You never had a real answer. But you wanted to give Steve the best answers possible. Maybe you guys could get back to the way things were. Maybe he's realized that he needs me like I need him. You clear your throat before getting out of his car, flinging your bag over your shoulder. You walk towards your front door, Steve slowly trailing behind you. You bite your lip softly at the thought of him being in your house after all this time while you swing the door open for the two of you. 

You turn to face Steve, his light brown eyes already on you. You go to open your mouth to say something, but get caught off by him taking a step to meet your figure. His hands cupping your cheeks while his lips brush against your own before he fully commits to pressing a firm kiss against your soft lips. You're caught off guard before you realize that he's made his move. You press your hands against each side of his waist, walking the both of you into your home. The door shuts by Steve mindlessly kicking it shut. Both of your lips still attached to one another. Your fingertips brush over the edge of his jacket, pulling the sleeves down his arms till the jacket successfully falls to the ground. You feel Steve move his hands down from your face to around your waist, causing you to fling your arms around his neck.

"Y/N? Steve?" You break apart from Steve, noticing the small fragile voice coming from the other side of the room. You turn to look over to the figure standing at the top of the staircase. Mike. 


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