"I can't make you love me, Steve." Part 2

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"Look, what Tommy said about us

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"Look, what Tommy said about us... me? Shit." You sigh as you look at yourself in your rear view mirror as you speak. You shake your head making a face at what you had just rehearsed. You practiced on what you were going to say to Steve when you saw him all night, and it irked you knowing that you had just forgotten all that you had practiced last night due to your nervousness. You take a deep breath, looking back at yourself once more. "Steve... I--" You squeak when you hear a loud knock on your window. You press your hand to your mouth as the other one flies across your body to press gently against your chest. You see a Steve looking at you with a fine lined smile. You remove your hands from your mouth and chest, wiping them off on your jeans as you feel yourself clamming up. You turn off your car as Steve opens the door for you. You say a small 'thank you' as you both stand in pure awkwardness. You notice Steve's hands fall into his jean pockets. 

"What are you doing here, y/n?" You hear him ask you softly, a hint of disappointment in his voice. You sigh looking from him to your feet. You put your hands behind your back as you lean against your car.

"Steve... I came by so we could talk. I just showed up because you haven't been answering your home phone." You say explaining to him that you showed because you were worried about where you two stood after Tommy's scene. You go to move your hand away from behind you, extending it to place on Steve's shoulder, but he pulls himself away before you could touch him.

"You should go, yeah?" He says, more harshly. He walks closer to you, hovering over your small figure. He inhales before letting out a dragged shaky breath. He turns on his heels before walking away. You get the sudden courage, turning on your heels as well. You follow behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist from behind, pushing your face against his back. You feel tears brim your eyes, letting single ones fall all at once.

"I don't want to go. I don't want you to go. I can't stop thinking about you, Steve. You need to let me explain. I need you to let me explain." You say softly as you feel Steve stiffen then relax at your plead. He sighs once more, taking your hands in his own. He pries your hands off of him as he turns to look down at you.

"Was I just bullshit to you?" You take a step back, your mouth forming a small 'o' as he asks you that question. You rapidly shake your head as you look into his hurt eyes.

"Tommy lied Steve. You have to--You have to trust me. I--I was getting ready to walk home from your place. He--He invited himself to walk with me. I promise you, I would never hurt you Steve. Not like Nancy." Steve clenches his jaw as you bring up Nancy. He scoffs before turning on his heels again, causing you to fling and cling your fingers around his wrist. "Steve. Steve! Tommy... Tommy touched me. To--Tommy wanted to fool around. I said no Steve. I--I said no!" You let the tears fall, gasping as you try to catch your breath. Steve stands, back facing against your own fragile figure. 

"Why should I believe you?"

"Why--Why shouldn't you?" You answer his question with another question. You walk in front of Steve, his eyes fixating down onto your teary ones. You place your hands into his as you press yourself into his body, face buried into his chest. You feel him let go of your hands, slowly wrapping them around your shoulders, resting his chin against the top of your head, sighing. You mumble against his chest. "If you don't believe me Steve, it's okay. It's okay, Steve." You hiccup before looking up at him, tears falling down your cheeks. "I--I can't make you love me, Steve Harrington. I can't make you love me again if you don't want to." You go to pull away from him, only to feel his grip tighten around you. You meet his eyes, shocked.

"I believe you... I don't know. Just the thought of you leaving hurts me more than you'll ever know. There's something about you that just, makes me hate the thought of you walking away. You could have someone so much better than me, and I just--" You cut him off by pressing your lips firmly against his. You press your hands against his cheeks as his arms move to wrap around your waist. You smile against his lips, him mimicking that smile. You pull away slowly, opening your eyes you meet his eyes once more. Steve presses his head down against your forehead, resting it.

"Steve Harrington. I, Y/N Y/L/N, would never ask for more than what you can give me. You are perfect. I... I love you Steve." You see him close his eyes with a wider smile present on his lips. You feel him pick you up by your waist pulling you over his shoulder causing you to laugh loudly. You bang against his back as he walks you into his place. And after that, you couldn't have asked for anyone or anything better than Steve. You loved him more and more each day. But he would always claim to love you more. 

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