She's Not Here (Part 2)

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(Author's Note: This one is going to be longer than the last part. So much is about to happen! Enjoy!)

You stand there, now sobbing. The kicks and the blows seeming to be thrown at you all over again. You hear a car pull up before wiping your eyes. You hear a car door open and then close before you're engulfed into a hug.

"Steve I--"

"Shh, it's okay y/n. It's okay." You hear him say softly. You bury your face in his shirt as you both stood there. Nothing but the heavy breathing of Steve, and the cool wind that would rattle the leaves that had fallen on the ground. You pull away from Steve's shirt, and look up at him.

"You're always saving me, Harrington." You say, hiccuping in the process. Steve's eyes are washed over with sadness as he looks over the dried blood on your chin. He wraps an arm around your waist and pulls your other arm over his shoulder walking you over to his car.

"Let's get you home and cleaned up, yeah?" You look at him as he sets you down in the passenger seat. You smile softly at him before curling up into the warm seat, pulling your knees to your chest. Steve hops into the driver's side before pulling away, driving you home. The air filled with his air freshener and the silent music playing on his stereo.

"Are you okay?" You're taken out of your trance before looking over at Steve that already has his eyes fixated on you. You nod softly, not wanting to speak. He nods over at you before turning down your street. You become tense and uncomfortable.

"No, no, no, no, no. You can't bring me back to my place. This'll be the first place he looks. I don't want him to find me, Steve." You quickly explain before looking between your house and Steve. Steve looks over at you, eyes wide.

"Okay. Okay. Want me to take you to mine?" He asks softly placing a hand on your knee. You glance over at Steve before comfort is rushed through your entire body. You nod slowly. Steve nods before huffing out a breath he's been holding in.

You get to Steve's house before you know it. Steve rushes out of his car and jogs over to the passenger side to help you out. He leans down wrapping an arm around your waist before taking your other hand in his own to help balance you. He helps you walk to his front door, opening the front door he lets you walk in first. You press your body against the house's wall, slowly walking yourself to Steve's bedroom's bathroom as he goes into the kitchen to grab a few things to clean you up with. You sit down on the closed toilet in Steve's bathroom, breathing in and out slowly with your head rested against the counter. You hear Steve knock on the bathroom door before opening it slowly.

"Can I come in?" You giggle softly nodding as he practically lets himself in. He places a few things on the counter before walking over to you. "I'm going to lift you up and help you onto the counter okay?" You nod at him wincing as his arms wrap around your waist tightly, setting you down on the counter. Steve in between your legs. He looks over your face, biting his lip softly, looking at the dried blood. He opens his mouth before closing it, not wanting to ask any questions.

"What is it?" You ask softly as Steve's eyes catch your own. He smiles a half smile before shrugging. Taking a towel in his hands after wetting it in the bathroom sink. He goes to wipe off your chin, then suddenly stops.

"Can I see them?" You know he's referring to the blows Billy took to your stomach. You sigh softly letting your head fall. You press your fingers against the hem of your dress, lifting it slowly to where he can see your wounds. He gasps making you quickly drop your dress back down. "No, no." He says before having you lift your arms to take your dress off. It was a bit awkward since now you were just in your bra and panties in front of your best friend. He looks over the red-ish purple spots that were beginning to bruise before sighing. He looks up at you, not saying anything else as he begins to wipe off the blood from your chin.

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