A Billy Hargrove Imagine

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"Billy." You say softly but sternly as you watch him hover himself over El. You put one foot in front of the other as you patiently move closer to him, not knowing what he could do to you if you make one wrong move. You take one more step, holding your hand out to touch Billy. Before you could touch him, he turns to look at you quickly, grabbing your arm in his hand, tightly. You gasp, flinching, slowly falling onto your knees, grunting in pain as his grip tightens around your arm. You look up into his eyes, letting tears fall as he stands up, now hovering over your kneeled one. You see Billy's arm fly up, next thing you knew, his hand came in contact with your cheek. You fall to the floor, coughing as you spit out blood that pooled from between your lips. Everything seemed to become silent other than everyone around you screaming your name, fearful of the state they saw you in. 

You wipe your mouth with your hand as you press your hands firmly on the ground beneath you, pushing yourself back up to face Billy's back. You go to walk towards him, ready to throw a punch at him. You walk up behind him, quickly wrapping an arm around his throat, putting him a choke hold. You tighten your grip around his neck before hearing footsteps behind you. You turn back to meet the blue eyes of Max. Your face softens when you look over at Mike, his wide eyes glued to yours. Billy saw this as a weak point, causing him to fling your body over his shoulders. Your back collides with the white tile. You breathe in quickly as if that was all the air you had left as it pained to breathe. You notice Billy hover over your body, wrapping his fingers over your throat. You grab a hold of his hand around your throat, clawing at it to get his hand off of you. His grip tightening around your throat, you felt dizzy. Your eyesight slowly clouding over as you hit his shoulders. 

"Y/N!" You could hear everyone faintly scream for you. You slowly become limp. This was the moment you thought it was all over. A small part of you didn't want to go. But in this situation, you couldn't control it.


"Take that you piece of shit!" Billy lets go of your throat as he falls down beside you, hurting as the Mind Flayer gets shot at by fireworks. You gasp sitting yourself up, grabbing a hold of your throat as you coughed. You turned to look over towards El. You hold your hand out for her. As she takes it you pull her in.

"Get out of here." You look into her eyes, not blinking once. She nods over at you, running over to Mike and Max. You slowly pick yourself back up before feeling a hand grab your ankle. You shriek as you fall to the ground. Turning back you see Billy, pulling your body closer to his. He holds you down on the flat ground, slapping you hard, causing you to whimper and go numb. You look up at Billy as he hovers over you. Pressing his fingers over your blemishes and cuts. You let a single tear fall as your chin trembles. You notice his hand fly up once more, getting ready to give your face one more blow.

"7... feet." You simply say out of fear, causing his facial expression to soften. "You told her, the wave was 7 feet." You notice tears filling up his eyes, as he knows what you're speaking of. "You ran to her, on the beach. There were seagulls. She wore a hat... with a blue ribbon. A long dress... with a blue and red flower. Yellow--Yellow sandals covered in sand." You stop for a moment, tears in both of your eyes. You notice the black veins in his face slowly fading away as you recall the memory. "She was pretty." Billy closes his eyes, letting a small smile form against his lips. "She was really pretty." You say, letting the tears fall at the corner of your eyes. He lets single tears fall, nodding at your last statement about his mother that left him. "And you--you were happy." You sighed softly smiling up at him, pressing a gentle hand to his cheek. He leans into your hand rather than pulling away. His face full of color instead of the black veins. 

"We're out!" You hear Will scream from above. Everyone frantically finished up throwing the fireworks towards the Mind Flayer. You look from Billy to the creature just a few feet from the two of you. You notice Billy step up, facing the Mind Flayer. You look up at Billy, knowing that this might be the last day you live. No more fireworks were thrown, causing the creature to go back to his main mission. He shrieked loudly causing you to jump in your spot. The Mind Flayer leaned in closer to Billy. Everything after that felt as if it was going in slow motion. You see the extra mouth of the Mind Flayer stretch out, getting ready to sling towards you. You begin to close your eyes before you notice Billy step in front of it, both hands holding onto the melted flesh, pushing it away from you.

"No!" You hear Billy scream as he tries to push the melted flesh farther away from you. You see other parts of the Mind Flayer spring towards Billy, one getting him on his left side as another gets his right, and then one blow to the stomach  and back. You cover your mouth with your hand as you see the state he's in before looking towards Max. Her eyes glued on Billy. You turn to look back at Billy. Black blood pooled from his mouth now drenching his white top. You hear Billy scream once more before the Mind Flayer attached itself to Billy's chest. Causing him to go silent. You shriek along with Max calling for him as he falls to the ground. Both you and Max at his side. You trying to apply pressure to his wounds as Max tries to keep him awake.

"Billy, no. Billy please." You hear her plead and cry into his chest. You notice Billy look down over at the two of you, opening his mouth.

"I'm sorry." He let out a long breath of air, you let tears fall from your eyes as you realize Max witnessed Billy die right in front of her. But, he sacrificed his life for all of ours. You cry quietly as you pull Max into your lap as the Mind Flayer in the background falls down silently, knowing now that Hop and Joyce closed the gate. You look over at Billy as you run your fingers through Max's hair. You look over at El reassuring her that it is done and finally over. Looking back down at Billy, you bite down on your bottom lip, your chin trembles before you place your face on Max's shoulder, letting the tears fall. Billy was a hero. He was your hero. 

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