"Back to the Future"

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"So, what movie we seein' tonight?" You turn your head, that was rested on your best friend's shoulder, up to look at him with your tired eyes

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"So, what movie we seein' tonight?" You turn your head, that was rested on your best friend's shoulder, up to look at him with your tired eyes. 

"Anything Harrington." You hear him laugh softly before planting a kiss to your forehead.

"Alright, we'll have two tickets to... ah, "Back to the Future". You knew he was going to pick to see that movie, he's been talking nonstop about going to go see it with someone. Nancy didn't want to go see it with him weeks ago, so he's dragging me.

"Are you sure you want to see that one? I don't think your brain could comprehend what's happening." The cashier looked at Steve, and Steve looked back at the cashier with half of his lips curved into a small smile, eyebrows furrowed, as his eyes awkwardly look away then back at him.

"I'm sure." He simply says, you look at the Cashier before speaking.

"Hold up," you look at his name tag before speaking again. "Are you questioning my friend's intelligence, Doug?" You stand up straight pressing both hands on the counter. Doug gulps looking from both you and Steve.

"Uhm, no ma'am. It was me suggesting that he might not understand it so maybe he should pick another movie. One he'll understand." You tilt your head to the side, you turn your head to look back at a wide eyed Steve, turning back to 'Doug."

"Listen here, Doug. My friend and I would like two tickets to go see that freaking movie. You either hand us over tickets now, for free, for making fun of my best friend. Or, we go to your boss and tell them they made a huge, huge mistake by hiring you, Dougee." You see Doug gulp one more time before handing you both tickets to "Back to the Future". You turn to look at Steve with a wide smile on your face, his eyes wide and his mouth practically hitting the floor.

"Close your mouth, Harrington. You might catch flies." He blinks a few times before wiping his mouth.

"You really just did that?" You shrug winking at him, grabbing his hand walking over to theater #4. You pick seats in the middle of the very last row, taking a seat beside Steve, he looks over to you.

"What dingus?" You raise an eyebrow at him, nodding towards the theater screen that began to play previews to upcoming movies. You feel Steve lean closer to you as his breath hits your cheek.

"Thanks for coming with me. Nancy would never go out of her way to do this for me. So, I really appreciate." You mentally roll your eyes at Steve's comparison between Nancy and yourself. You hated that you two were so different yet so similar. You'd back Steve up, Nancy wouldn't. You'd drop everything for Steve, Nancy wouldn't. I think the only thing you two actually had in common were your feelings towards Steve. You turn to look over at him with a small smile before slouching in your chair.

--After the Movie--

The doors fly open with you and Steve laughing and cracking jokes while everyone else walked around you guys.

"Dude, I wasn't totally focused in there or anything, but I'm pretty sure that mom was trying to bang her son." You laugh even harder as his eyes widen. You see Steve open his mouth to say something, closes it, then opens it again.

"Wait, wait. The hot chick that was out to get Marty was his mom?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure." 

"But they're the same age."

"No, but he went back in time."

"Then why is it called "Back to the Future?"

"He has to go back to the future because he's in the past. So the future is actually the present which is, his time." You explain looking at Steve as he looks back at you with a blank stare trying to calculate everything you just said.

"Wh--What?" He looks at you confused which causes you to burst out laughing.

"Nothing, Dingus!" You shove his shoulder back as you begin to walk out the doors of the theater building, Steve rushing out after you still laughing at our confusing discussion.

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