Don't You Miss Me? (Part 3)

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"Y/N? Steve?" You break apart from Steve, noticing the small fragile voice coming from the other side of the room. You turn to look over to the figure standing at the top of the staircase. Mike.



"Mike? What are you doing here?" You ask shakily as Steve rushes to pick his jacket up from off the floor. You brush your arm against your lips to brush off the nervousness you just gained due to the fact that Steve's girlfriend's brother is literally in your home. You clear your throat as you turn to look at Steve who held his jacket tightly in his arms. You nod towards him then turn to focus back on Mike. 

"I'm here for Mark. Will and the rest of the gang couldn't hang out. So it's just us two tonight." He looks down at his watch, then scrunches his face together before looking back at you. "Wait, what's Steve doing here?" You nervously laugh before pushing your fingers through your hair, thinking of some bullshit lie. 

"He's helping me with homework and... studying." You say picking at your fingernails, hoping to God that he remotely believes your lie. You bite down on your bottom lip as Mike inspects you and Steve for a moment before speaking once more.

"Help you with Anatomy?"

"Mike!" You quickly wrap your arms around your own figure, scolding the boy in front of you that's just your brother's age. You sigh before looking down at the floor then back up at Nancy's brother. You get ready to beg Mike to not tell Nancy about what he witnessed, but then Steve takes a step in front of you.

"Hey, Mike. Mike, right?" He asks the boy still standing in front of us with his hands pressed firmly to his sides. With a slight nod, Mike encourages him to continue on. Steve looks between you and Mike before slightly opening his mouth. "You like ice cream?" Mike furrows his brows at the desperate brown haired boy standing just a foot behind you. "Every kid loves ice cream. If you don't tell Nancy about seeing me here today, I will give you free ice cream for a month." Your jaw drops slightly at the ultimatum, you turn to look at him over your shoulder. He meets your gaze before shrugging. You both look at each other before jerking back towards the boy in front of you as he sighs.

"Make it two." You gasp, wide eyed at Mike's response. "But only because my sister makes me want to strangle her everytime she mentions you. So the sooner you're out of her life, the less of a bitch she'll be." He looks between you and Steve before turning around to go back towards your brother's room. You stand there, agaped by what just unfolded in front of you. You feel someone's fingers wrap around your wrist before you're pulled up the stairs and down the hallway. You're pushed into what you think is your bedroom at the end of the hall. Your back gets firmly pushed against your door once it's closed as lips press themselves roughly against your own. The moment your lips detach from Steve's, you meet his chocolate brown eyes. A grin planted against his lips as he rests his head against yours.

"Where were we?" You let a giggle fall from your lips as you wrap your arms around his shoulders. His figure dipping down as he wraps his arms from under you, picking you up. You let out a scream before falling back against your bed with Steve Harrington hovering over you. "I missed you so much." He explains as he looks you in the eyes before running them down your shy figure. You bite down on your bottom lip as you look away from him. But his fingertips pull your chin back up so you meet his gaze. You nod your head before slightly opening your lips to speak.

"I missed you too, Harrington. So much."

(A bit short, I know! But I've been working and I'm finally getting a break. There will be several uploads this week so stay tuned!!)

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