Hopper Blocked (Request)

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Authors Note: This was a request for @Gpiggy20 !! Worked really hard on it with the time I had off! So enjoy!

Word Count: 4,865

"Hey so, I have work tonight." You hear your father holler from the kitchen. Drawers opening as he's in search of a fork. Cursing at himself as he goes for a spoon instead. You lightly giggle to yourself knowing the look of discouragement spread across his face, as this was something he did daily. You nod your head, stepping out from under your duvet and onto the cabin's wooden floor. The coldness from the change of weather seeping into them as you walked barefoot across them. You open your door all the way before leaning softly against the door frame, looking at your father standing across the room, his back to you. 

"Which means?" His figure stiffens as he jumps to quickly turn around to see your small figure in your doorway. He presses a hand to his heart as a cigarette lies between his lips loosely. You clear your throat, pressing your hands together in front of your torso. Bouncing up and down between your tip toes to your heels awaiting his answer. He sighs, closing his eyes. Wrinkles creasing the center of his forehead. He draws the cigarette from his lips, opening his mouth slightly. A mumble falling from them. You press a hand behind your ear, furrowing your brows. "I'm sorry, what was that?" He lets out another sigh, this time speaking up.

"You really need to stop doing that. One of these days I'm going to die from how much you scare me when you just pop up, and I will look like this-" He widens his eyes, mouth dropping open in an "O" form. Eyebrows raised, his hands on his heart. You laugh the moment he begins to speak once more. "And you won't even realize that you killed me. That would, in fact, make you a murderer." You shake your head before laughing more quietly as you look down at your feet. Letting them take you towards his figure, you wrap your arms around his waist. His arms flying quickly around your shoulders. You breathe in his scent, closing your eyes. He rests his chin against the top of your head. Sighing slightly you open your eyes, looking up at him.

"Does this mean we won't be able to eat dinner together tonight?" He releases you before placing a kiss to your forehead. You let your eyes drop closed once more before your eyes meet his, a sad smile against your features. He runs a hand over the hair on your head as he opens his mouth to speak. He closes it for a split second before nodding. Not wanting to disappoint you with his words. 

"I'm sorry. We got a call in about a pumpkin patch getting tampered with. We have a few leads but, it might take me all night to figure out what the issue is. But, if you need anything... And I mean anything, I'm one call away, you hear?" You let your arms fall back to your side as you back away from your father. You hated that he was the only one people counted on in this town. But he was Hawkin's hero. He was your hero. He's done so much for you, and he's always kept you safe from what lurked in the darkness of Hawkins. You're broken from your thoughts when you notice his hand move in front of you. "Are you listening to me?" You shook your head, placing a smile on your face before nodding. He let his head drop before he rested his fingertips against the bridge of his nose. "Then what did I say?"

"Um..." You looked from him then around the house, looking at the stove. "Don't catch the cabin on fire?" You hear a rumble in his throat as he looks you dead in the eyes. Cutting you off from your smart remark.

"No. Boys." You're dumbfoundedly quiet as you quickly shake your head, trying to make it seem as if that was not one of the things you had planned on doing behind his back. You are quick to throw your pinky up between both of your figures. His face softens as he looks between your pinky and your soft eyes. He quickly wraps his pinky around your own, locking in your promise. He kisses your knuckles before letting go of your hand, placing it on your cheek before grabbing his coffee and his Chief of Police hat and badge. You watched him walk out of the cabin, the silence consuming you. You walk back into your room, laying your back against your bed, looking up at your ceiling as you kick your feet up to rest against the wall. All of a sudden, he pops into your thoughts. Steve Harrington. He was your best friend. he was the first guy that you had bumped into at school that didn't threaten to give you a black eye. He actually threatened you with a charming smile as his hands pressed against your hips to keep your figure from falling flat against the school ground. You remember that day like it was yesterday. 

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