Your Return

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(Author's note: Not a Steve Harrington Imagine, buuuuut thought I'd venture out of the box with this one! Enjoy!)

"El?" You gasp springing up from your nightmare, in a pitch black room. You heavy panicking breathing being the only think you can hear beside the echo of your voice. You were laying on a hard cold floor, feeling as if it went on for miles. You reached out your hand in front of you, searching for a sign of a wall or another person in the same state as you without being able to see. You place your other hand in front of the other one, feeling your hand brush against fabric. You flinch your hand away, screaming at the thought of you being in a closed off area with something you had no idea what it's capable of. You push yourself away from the object before bringing your knees to your chest, burying your face into the space between both knees. 

"Y--Y/N?" You shoot your head up the moment you hear your name. You turn around in your spot, still unaware of what's around you. You hear crying from the area you had resorted away from once you felt the fabric. You start brushing your hands against the floor in the direction of the crying.

"El, El it's me." You frantically move around the pitch black room scrambling to the crying before wrapping your arms around the crying body in front of you. Wrapping your arms tightly around her, you press a kiss to her head before letting a few tears fall from your eyes. "I'm here. I'm here." You hear her faint crying and sniffling, both of you rocking back and forth to calm each other down. 

It becomes quiet around you two, too quiet. Before you know it, the entire room lights up with a bright light. Both you and El flinching away from it, you pulling her closer to protect her from the light. You hear footsteps before hearing someone fiddling with the door in the far corner of the room. You turn to look down at El, pressing a single finger to your lips to keep her quiet. You point of to a corner at the back of the room before rushing over to stand beside the door, ripping a part of your pant cuffs off, wrapping the fabric around your wrists to use as a weapon. You breathe in and out softly before holding it in the moment you hear the door swing open. You look over at El who had her face buried into the corner of the room. You stretch closer to the wall as you notice the man dressed in a white cape walk in and over to her. You rush up behind him, making a ring over his head before pushing the fabric against his throat. Him tossing and turning until he falls to the ground, a ring around his throat from you choking him. You unwrap the fabric from your wrists tossing it to the side, grabbing the keys from his body and rushing towards El's fragile figure. You wrap an arm around her waist, wrapping her other arm over your shoulder. Picking her up off the floor, you walk over the man's fallen body. You walk out of the cell and into long varieties of tunnels before noticing footsteps in the distance. You hold on tighter to El, running into the other direction of the footsteps. You get farther away from the room, hearing men fight before sending one off to evacuate the campus due to the two of us escaping. 

"Y/n.." You hear Eleven speak softly as you look down at her. "You need to get out of here." You feel tears form in your eyes.

"I'm not leaving you, Eleven. We are getting out together. Okay?" You see her nod her head slowly, she pushes herself out of your arms, resting against the white cemented walls, you look at her, her eyes closed with a bit of blood pooling from her nose. You begin to feel the floor beneath you shake, you becoming uneasy on balance. "El, what are you doing?" She turns to look at you before running her arm under her nose, her eyes almost fully black. Your mouth opens slightly as you press up against the wall. You watch Eleven slowly retreat from the wall before walking past you. She turns to look at you once more before smiling softly. "El? El?! ELEVEN!"

 You try your hardest to rush after her before you see her come into view of a crowd of men in white suits. You gasp pressing a hand to your mouth before pushing yourself behind the wall again. You squeeze your eyes closed as you hear her screaming "Papa" as they take her away. You push yourself off the wall rushing towards an exit, making your way out of the hallway and up a few stairs, you open a door to a gust of wind blowing against you and the lab. You push your arms out to walk out of the lab as the door shuts behind you. You turn around after it shuts, not wanting to leave Eleven behind. You bang against the door before dropping down onto the floor, letting your tears fall. You know you had failed Mike the moment you told him you were going to find her and bring her back. You push yourself up off the ground, wrapping your arms over each other along with your robe. You begin to walk back to where you had lived before getting captured. It finally being night time by the time you get to your house, you drop to the floor again, gasping for air as you see everyone in the living room, weapons in hand. Your eyes looked over Steve, Nancy, Johnathan, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. You grunt as you pick yourself up once more, slowly limping to the front door. Your body falling against it, causing the raucous inside to quiet down. You turn the knob falling onto your living room floor, on your knees you look up to see everyone looking at you with mouths wide open.

"Y/N." You feel arms wrap under your own, looking up to see a worried Steve, you smile softly burying your face in his chest. Turning your head over slowly, you see Mike walk closer to you.

"El?" His soft voice spoke and you shook your head tears finding their way down your face. You hear footsteps behind you, not wanting to turn around to see what had followed you all the way back home.

 You hear footsteps behind you, not wanting to turn around to see what had followed you all the way back home

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"Mike?" You gasp before turning around to see Eleven standing there, shoes worn and her clothes torn. You let a few more tears fall, in shock knowing that she made it out alive and alright. "Y/n." She turns her head to look down at you with a heavy smile. You open your arms out to her as she collapses into them, crying uncontrollably. 

"You're okay. We're okay. We won't let anything take or hurt you ever again." You close your eyes, running your hands over her shaved head. "Never again El." 

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