"I Like You" (Robin)

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AN: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH LOVELIES!! I had this Robin imagine in my drafts for who knows how long because I was scared of putting it out there and it getting rejected! But she is lovely and deserves just as much love as everyone else!! Show her some love by reading, voting, and commenting!! I hope you guys enjoy! Much love, writer xx

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"Steve's come in like, five times already. He practically drooled over you. If we didn't have the glass over the ice cream, we'd be screwed." Looking across the small ice cream shop, your gaze meets Robin's while she wipes down the tables. An annoyed look glazed over her once smiling demeanor. Furrowing your brows, you watch her slump down with a sigh. "You okay?"

She makes her way towards the booth that she had already cleaned off. Twice, to be exact. Taking a seat in the booth, she rested her head against the glossy covered wood. Her eyes looking down as her fingertips played with the rag in her hand. "Huh? Yeah. I'm fine." 

Removing the hat from your head, you place it next to the register before climbing over the counter. Your Converse covered feet landed against the colorful tile below you as you begin to take slow strides over to the slumps that resided as Robin. Leaning down in front of her, you hesitate to place a hand to her unclothed knee. Your fingertips barely grazed the skin before fully resting against them. "Hey. You've been acting off all day. You can talk to me, you know. I'm not going anywhere." Her plump lips went from their usual frown to a little perked up smile as she looked down to meet your gaze. That smile soon being demolished by her next short sentence.

"It's Steve." Her voice spoke shakily and her knees rocked slightly causing your hands to fall at her feet. Raising a brow; confused. You look between her and the watch that was wrapped around your wrist. Noticing that the two of you had a bit of extra time before closing down completely. Standing up from your position, you make your way over to the other end of the booth, taking a seat as you faced the desperate girl before you. 

"Okay? What about him?" She scoffed, rolling her eyes as she looked intently at you.

"(Y/N), we need to close down shop-"

"No, I need answers. Plus, I already did everything that needed to be done behind the counter. So, we got time." Sending her an encouraging smile, she sighs again throwing her head back against the booth padding. 

"Do you ever... feel like if you tell someone how you feel, you don't know if they'll look at you the same?" Searching the booth table for an answer to Robin's question, you begin to nod your head at the first thing that popped into your head.

"Absolutely. You remember Vickie from band?" You scoff as you begin to unravel what happened between the two of you. "I was a senior and she was a sophomore. We got really close and, I-I kissed her." Robin's eyes widened at your confession, but encouraged you to speak more on the incident. "She told me she liked someone else. Never talked to me again." Your eyes finally met Robin's sympathetic ones. Shrugging your shoulders, you clear your throat as you lean closer towards Robin. "Enough about my embarrassing loveless life." You awkwardly laughed. "Sometimes you can't be scared. I took a risk, got shot down. Got back up and moved on."

Robin sat there quietly. Her eyes looking over your facial expressions as they changed ever so slightly while talking about Vickie along with being seen as the town's pariah. "But, what if no matter how hard you try, you can't move on?"

"Is this about Steve? Robin, I keep telling you, he's interested. He's the only person who comes in here multiple times a day just to ask how your shift is going. He is not the wrong guy for you." You speak more in a rush as you watch her stand up from her sitting position. Her feet walking her back and forth in a panic along the Scoops Ahoy shop. "Robin..."

You stand up from your own position on the booth cushion, making your way over to her pacing figure. Pressing your hands against her shoulders, you give her a light shake as a small laugh falls from your lips. "Look at me. Stop whatever this is." Robin obeys your command, her eyes now looking mesmerizingly into your own. "I'm confused. I bring Steve up, you go crazy. I don't, you still go cra-"

You're stopped midsentence as a pair of lips are pressed to yours. Closing your eyes, you realize Robin was kissing you and you had yet to kiss back until now. Moving your fingertips from her shoulders, you bring them up to her face, cupping it in the palms of your hands as you slowly release yourself from the kiss. Slowly opening your eyes, her light blue ones are still sheltered by her closed eyelids. 

"Robin..." Your voice causes her to let a sigh fall from between her lips. The nerves of what you have to say causes her to fiddle with the material on the back of your sailor's uniform. Your fingertips still lightly caressed her cheeks; encouraging her to open her eyes and look at you. 

"I am... so sorry." Robin's voice shook at her confession. Opening her eyes finally, her light ones meet your grateful ones. "I like you... I really like you. I was scared to tell you because I don't do well with rejection."

"So you decide to kiss me?" A small laugh erupts from your throat as you shake your head at the reckless yet thoughtfulness of her actions. 

"Yeah..." She breathes out one last time, a smile finally appearing against her plump lips as she stared back at you and your reaction. "How does that work? I don't know, but I-"

"You're such a dingus." Grabbing at her face again, you bring her over to press your lips against hers once more. Wrapping your arms fully around her neck, hers makes their way around your waist as you both kiss in the center of the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor.

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