"You Need to Go."

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You forcefully open the front door to your house, tears staining your cheeks. Slamming the door shut, you get a small moment to take a beat. You close your eyes as you press your head against the door, running a hand over the freshly painted red door.

"Honey,  you okay?" You gasp and jump at the voice of your father. You look over at him with wide eyes, not thinking he would be home this early from work. He rubs his fingers clean with the rag used after cleaning dishes. He looks from his fingers, towards you, stopping as he studies your face. You're quick to wipe your cheeks, giving him a small smile.

"Yeah pop. I'm okay." You look everywhere but directly at him as you respond. You turn on your heels, getting ready to walk towards your bedroom. "I'm gonna go take a small nap before I make dinner for us, tonight." You look down at your feet speed walking to your bedroom. Once you enter, you close your door, sinking down it. Tears fall from your eyes. You pull your knees into your chest along with placing your head down in between your knees. You let out a small whimper as you replay what had happened moments before.


"Can't wait to see your movie y/n." You hear as someone passes both you and Byers on the sidewalk, in their car. You look at him confused before looking over at Jonathan. Your eyes go wide as your mouth drops taking a few steps to the side. On a billboard in front of the movie theater, you saw in red spray paint, your name spread across it with 'slut' written behind it.

"What the hell? Y/n, don't worry about it." You shoot a glare towards Byers before walking down an alley way where you had heard giggling and spray paint being sprayed. You notice Steve, Tommy, and Claire hanging out with some random girl while spray painting the theater walls with red paint. All eyes fall on your small figure as you get closer to them.

"Uh oh, somebody looks mad." You hear Tommy say. You look from Tommy H towards a tough looking Steve. As soon as you get up close to him, your right hand comes in contact with his cheek.

"What's wrong with you?" You shout at him, gesturing towards the billboard getting into Steve's face. He gets closer to you, hovering over you causing you to back down a bit.

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I was worried about you. Can't believe I was actually worried about you." You hear him scoff. Your eyebrows furrow as you open your mouth to speak, only to get told by the random girl that they know something you don't think they know, so it's best not to lie. You roll your eyes towards her looking back up at Steve.

"You came to see me last night." Tommy rolls his tongue as you guess correctly causing you to look at everyone confused. "Okay, so you came and saw me last night. I don't know what you saw, but it wasn't like that. Jonathan and I were just--"

"You were just what y/n, finish the sentence. Finish the sentence." Steve cuts you off, looking down at you with disgust and a scowl. He shrugs before looking down from your lips back into your eyes. "Go to hell." You go to inch towards Steve, only to get pulled back by Jonathan. You try to yank your hand from his grip but his grip tightens around your arm.

"Come on, let's go." Jonathan guided you away from the group only to get a shove towards his back.

"I'm actually impressed Byers. You're family is so fucked up, that I expected you to be just as fucked up as them--" Jonathan turns around throwing his fist towards the jaw of Steve. You gasp getting ready to rush to Byers' side, to get pushed back as several blows get thrown towards Steve. Everything in that moment seemed to go by slowly. Silently.

End of Flashback.

You hear a soft knock on your door, causing you to jump. You clear your throat running your fingers through your hair.

"Uh, yeah dad?" You hear silence. Your brows furrow as you slowly stand up, pressing your fingers gently against your bedroom doorknob. Twisting it, you slowly peak through a small crack. Your mouth falls open shortly after seeing a bloody face of the boy you had loved so dearly. "Steve..." You open your door all the way, letting him in as you go to sit down at the edge of your bed. He joins you in your room, standing awkwardly in front of your dresser.

"Y/N, I messed up." His eyes fall onto the ground slowly looking up to meet your eyes once more. You nod pulling your mouth into a fine line, looking up at him. He sighs throwing his hands to his side, rushing down onto the floor in front of you, getting on his knees. "I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry." He goes to grab your face in his hands. Before he could do so, you pulled away.

"You need to go." You whisper sternly, looking into his eyes trying to show no emotion even though you were sadly dying inside to see him like this. You stand up in front of him, crossing over towards your door, opening it wide as you stand in the doorway, arms folded. He stands up, slowly walking over towards you, head down. He meets your eyes before walking out, his breathing slow but heavy.

"Y/N..." He tries to pull you into a hug, but you just stood your ground. You stood tall, looking at him with a blank stare before nodding towards the door. He sighs exiting your room. You close the door behind him, sliding down it. This time, not with tears, but with the anger built up inside of you for making him go when you wanted him to stay.

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