"I can't make you love me, Steve." Part 1

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You look at the alarm clock set on the bed side table beside Steve's side. It read "4:15 am." You look between the alarm clock towards the limp body that laid beside you. You gently tap Steve's back, getting him to stir a bit.

"Steve." You say quietly, just enough for him to hear. You press your hand flat against his back, gently shaking him. You see him stir again, 'hmm'-ing your effort of trying to wake him up so he could walk you out. Or at least make it seem as if you weren't just another notch on his belt. You sigh softly, pulling your bottom lip down and in between your teeth. You sigh zipping up his jacket before standing up, grabbing your shoes in your hands. You tip toe over to his bedroom door, slowly opening it. You turn to look back at Steve's sleeping body, smiling softly before walking out and closing the door behind you. You walk down the steps to Tommy walking out of what you think was Steve's parent's room. You smile over at him as he smirks at you, causing you to turn on your heals awkwardly.

"Hey, wait up." You hear Tommy say to you as you rush to the front door, you press your hand firmly against the doorknob, wrapping your fingers around the handle. You turn back to see Tommy walking towards you with a wide smile. "Can I join you? I need to head home, too." He says awkwardly causing you to just shrug before opening the door to begin your quest of getting home safely. Tommy closes the door before rushing towards your side. He places his hands into his pockets as he walks beside you silently. At least it was silent for about 3 seconds until he decided it was a good time to open his big mouth. "Steve really likes you, you know?" You purse your lips into a fine line as you continue to walk silently. "I mean, you're like all he talks about. I mean, he's never talked about anyone--" You cut him off.

"Tommy, I was hoping for a quiet trip home. So can you, I don't know, shut up?" He seems taken back by your sudden outburst. He nods before continuing to walk by your side. You sigh before biting down on your bottom lip. "I'm sorry. I'm just scared people are going to look at me differently if they find out."

"No, I get it. Rumors. Gotta hate those." He sighs before looking around to check out the surroundings before pressing a firm hand to your bum. You gasp before stopping in your spot, shoving him away. 

"What the hell are you doing, Tommy?"

"I mean, Steve? Really? The guy who had almost every girl at school sleep in his bed multiple times. One after the other. Why would anyone finding out about you, make things any different?" You squint your eyes, glaring at Tommy as you whisper softly.

"Are you saying, you'll tell people Steve and I..." You see Tommy smirk walking a few steps closer to you. He wraps an arm around your waist, pushing your body close to his. You gulp as you feel his warm breath hit your cheek as he leaned down to whisper in your ear.

"People won't find out if you do this one itty bitty thing for me." You shiver under his figure as you wait to hear him out all the way. "You have to let me in, y/n. Cuz if you don't... people will find out." You gasp looking up at him.

"You want me to fool around... with you?" You feel tears brimming your eyes as you feel his hand reach between your legs slowly riding up your skirt. You push his hand away, scared. You open your mouth to scream but Tommy is quick to shut you up by placing his hand over your mouth.

"It's that, or I just tell Steve that you wanted me instead." You bite down on Tommy's hand causing him to let go of you. He goes to spin around and grab you causing you to spit in his face. He let go of you as you drop to the floor, you scramble to get back up. You pull spray out of your bag, aiming it towards him.

"He--He won't believe you over me. He knows you'd fuck anything that breathes. He knows you'd lie to him about something as disgusting as this." Tommy wipes away the spit from his face, laughing evilly. 

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