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You walk up to the steps of Hawkins High, your books clung to your chest. You go to open the door, but someone beats you to it. Billy Hargrove. You internally gag yourself but plaster on a fake smile before greeting him. His toothpick moves between his lips then to one side of his mouth as he smirks.

"What is it now, Billy?" You ask fluttering your lashes towards him as his gaze moves over your tiny figure. You look at him confused before stepping to the side just to get trapped once again by Billy. He removes the toothpick from between his lips before opening his mouth to speak.

"So, Harrington told us a story this morning." You look at him even more confused before shrugging your shoulders. You try to pass him once more but get shoved into his chest by Tommy.

"Tommy! You asshole!" You turn to look at him, you raise a hand towards him but before you could swing towards him, Billy grabs your wrist in his tight grip. His lean figure leans down, you could feel his hot breath brush against your earlobe as you begin to hear him whisper.

"Now that's no way to treat someone that knows a small secret about you that wouldn't want to get out, now is it?" You then begin to think about all the things Steve could have possibly told his entire gym class before coming to realization. You gasp, becoming frozen in your spot. You hear Billy let out a breathy chuckle. "That's what I thought." He lets go of your wrist before walking down the steps with Tommy trailing behind him. 

You stand there in your spot for another moment as you feel the anger rise and take over your body. You growl before grabbing the school doors, swinging them open. Once you enter the school halls you begin to let your feet take you where they take you. You get closer and closer to the gym door labelled "Boy's Locker Room". You push the door open, not even caring for what you're about to walk in on. All you needed to know, was why Steve told everyone about what you guys did. You get guys whistling as you walk down each row of lockers before heading towards the showers, Steve coming into view. He looks at you, eyes wide as he moves out from under the water, turning it off before turning to face you, not caring that he's naked.

"What are you doing in here, y/n?" You disregard his question by asking him the one question that brought you into this mess in the first place?

"So now we're telling people we've slept together?" You clutch your books in your grip tighter to contain walking closer to him to slap that beauty off his face. You wait for him to answer, but his eyes just grow wide as his jaw drops. "I trusted you, Harrington. That was not information to give out." You notice Steve gain grasp of reality before speaking up.

"I know, and I'm so sorry. I just-- People know that we went out and they were asking if things-" You cut him off.

"Escalated? We had sex. That's it. It was a mistake. Next time you want to open your mouth about taking something that's special from someone else, make sure that they don't regret it first. Then you really look like a dick." You look him up and down before turning on your heels, walking out of the boy's locker room with catcalls echoing after you. Steve remains in his spot, receiving "oo's" and "awe's" from the guys around him. He watched you walk out of the locker room, and knowing that he messed up, he becomes annoyed. He bites down on his bottom lip before angrily slapping the water back on to wash down.

 He bites down on his bottom lip before angrily slapping the water back on to wash down

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