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"I need time, Steve

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"I need time, Steve." You speak sternly as you look up at your boyfriend, Steve Harrington. You feel the tears coming but you do everything possible to not let them surface and give everyone the satisfaction of seeing that someone broke you. You feel that all eyes are on you two causing you to shift uncomfortably before whispering. "I need time." You look everywhere but at the man that promised to never hurt you.

"Hey. Hey." You feel his fingers brush against your arm before pulling your arm away from his touch. He sighs before pushing his fingers into his hair to comb it back. Obviously frustrated with how hard you're being on him. "It was an accident." You let out a scoff before biting down on your bottom lip, hard. Still not letting the tears escape. You look up at him for the first time, causing Steve's face to soften as his brows furrow.

"An accident? You promised, Steve. I should've listened to Barb. To Nancy. I just--I thought you would be the one I could show off and prove everyone wrong. Throw away that big ego and act, so others can see you the way that I saw you." You feel a tear fall down your cheek for the first time in forever. You're quick to wipe it away before anyone else could see it. You sniffle before looking up and around to see if anyone saw you. "I was wrong." You meet his eyes once more. "I--I need to go. You need to go." You say through gritted teeth as your vision blurs with the tears threatening to fall. Turning on your heels, you bite down on your lip, walking down the school hall away from a dumbfounded, Steve Harrington.

"Y/N!" You hear Steve call out for you, but you just continued to walk away from him. Steve growls before tugging at the ends of his hair looking around, noticing others looking over at him. Some laughing, others looking at him in disgust. Steve felt that. Steve felt so disgusted in himself. He hurt the one person that was important to him. The one that saw him for who he is. He hurt you. And you, out of everyone else, had the courage to walk away and never look back.

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