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"Tell me, why did you hide the truth from me?"

Marcus is once again being taunted by destiny as he keeps hiding the truth from David. Though with facts that David knows he was the father and is now being confronted by him, he realizes that he was already corned. The poor Marcus had suffered enough, yet even though his now bruised heart is barely pumping. The newfound joy that is growing on his tummy is enough to lift his spirit. He will do everything to protect his child and anything to keep it happy.

"Yes. It is your child." Marcus uttered barely heard but David heard it loud and clear.

"Why did you lie, knowing that it would infuriate me?"

David could not blame Marcus for his actions. He wasn't been treating the poor helpless Marcus with the right respect that he deserves. He keeps his voice at bay and keeping his patience high. Determined that he will win Marcus' heart rather than forcing his instead.

"I... I was afraid of you." Replied Marcus.

Needless to say that his words were like strike spears to his heart, David nodded his head in apprehension.

The atmosphere grew thick as they both succumb in silence. Marcus was too afraid to ask questions, though there were a lot he wishes to say but unable to. The tension was unbearable until David grew tired of the awkwardness and said;

"Don't you want to hit me?"

"Excuse me?" Marcus retorted.

"Don't you want to curse at me? Shout words at me? Kick me? Punch me? Slap me? Anything? I will accept anything..." By this moment David was already on his knees grabbing both of his hands as he looked at his eyes with utmost guilt.

"I have done you wrong... I have caused you pain... There is nothing I can do to change the past, a reality that I wish to change to correct what I have done wrong."

Marcus was demented by the given scenario. How would he reply? Would he forgive him? Can his heart ignore the perversity he has done on him? No. It is too soon. The scar has not yet healed. The wounds are still fresh, he could not tolerate his past imprudent behavior.

"David... I... I need time... What you ask is impossible for me to give right now. The pain that you have you inflicted upon me still lingers. I can not forgive you just yet..."

Though with great disappointment David once again nodded his head and understand his resolution. He expected such a response and he was prepared for it, only he did not anticipate that it would be this painful. Chest heaving and heart fastly pumping. It was hard to breathe.

"Of course... I understand. I only wish to aware you, that I will be a changed man for you. I shall prove it to you."

David left the table after he properly bid his goodbye. Marcus was then left alone in the garden, alone with his thoughts. A few moments later Mrs. Potts appeared with another set of tea, with an extra set of cups.

"Mind if I accompany you, my dear?"

"Not at all." Marcus replied with a smile.

It was quiet for a moment. Letting the breeze tingle their locks until Mrs. Potts place the teacup down and situated herself where he was now facing Marcus.

"I heard you two talk... Do you want to talk about it?  You looked, troubled dear."

Her wrinkled hand grabs Marcus' now shaking once and squeeze it lightly. This was what Marcus needed. Someone to completely express himself too. All his distress, all his pain, he wants them to be out.

Marcus nodded his head in reply as he could not stop the tears that decided to fall, he couldn't even if he tries to. He hung his head in defeat and laid his head on Mrs. Pott's bosom, there he cried and soaked her chest with tears.

"There there... everything will be alright now." Hushed by Mrs. Potts. "Tell me, dear... has he been bothering you?"

He shakes his head as his sobbing begun to get louder.

"Then what is it, dear? You can trust me. You can tell me."

"I...I don't know...w..what..." Marcus was in no condition to be stressed due to his condition. Having been worried that it may affect the baby Mrs. Potts refrain from asking and just soothe him till he calms down.

"Easy now..." She said as she rubs his shoulder. "Breath... it is bad for you to be stressed. You need to relax and breathe." Marcus did just that. He followed Mrs. Potts's advice to take a deep breath and so that he may calm down. After a while, he was able to finally compose himself.

"I don't know what to do Mrs. Potts. He has been acting strange lately and just now... he... he was asking for my forgiveness. I'm torn if I should forgive him or not. What he did was unforgivable." Marcus said as tears once again threatened to fall.

"What should I do Mrs. Potts?" He looked at her face hoping to see some answers.

"What does your heart tells you, dear boy?" She said cooping both his cheeks.

Marcus thought for a moment. His heart has been confused for a very long time- he was sure he hated the man, but now he seems to hate him less. But regardless, he still hates him... but less.

"I only want peace in my heart, Mrs. Potts." Mrs. Potts nodded to his appreciation, but what can she do lift this child broken heart?

"To forgive is the highest and most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. Take your time, my dear. Trees don't just grow overnight. It needs time. And like any other tree, you start as a seed. In order to grow it needs to be dropped on dirt, buried in darkness, and struggle to sprout to reach for the light." Mrs. Potts said as she fixes Marcus' collar. She stood from her seat and excuse herself after.

"Are you saying I should forgive him? That easily?" Marcus said to Mrs. Potts with a rigid tone. She stops from her tracks.




"No. What I'm saying is he needs to prove his worth to you. Give him a chance, my dear."

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