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"It all started when Master was still a prince, and his father ruled the kingdom. The kingdom was prospering and everything was perfect until...... The king died leaving a 7 year old prince. He took the responsibility as the new ruler at a very young age, but everyone was amaze for the he was even doing a better job than his father. People loved him, then came Bella the king's betroth wife. She's loving and caring.... At least that's what we all think.

The king loved her dearly, he would move mountains for her. Knowing she had gasp the heart of the king she used him like a puppet, then one day she eloped with some foreign man and left him with a broken heart.

She took almost half of the people's money. And my master.... He became heartless.... He has forgotten his people and left them to starve, he didn't trust anyone, he became suspicious in everyone's action. Soon after the people were starving and some where dying and others... Had no choice but to eat the dead bodied in ordering to survive.

One night I came to his chambers to light some candles...

Thier I saw how evil he had become... Blinded by betrayal he was no longer the wise and kind king we knew.

He eventually found Bella... she was pregnant as she was forced to kneel on the rocky ground. And without hesitation he beheaded her killing not just Bella but also her child. The man watched the cruelty that inflicted upon his mother and child. And could not do anything but to weep in sorrow.

The king had his money back but he could care no less...

He lost his only love to a mere peasant...

His people left him...

Only those who are loyal stayed with him...

Then it was on that night that the enchantress appeared before him and cursed this kingdom.

He needs to learn to love again...

And this time he needs to be loved back...

We'll be forever trapped inside this kingdom if that last petal falls.

And you Heath... You are our only hope. We need your help."

I step back not believing what I heared. I eventually found myself sitting on a chair laid next to a cabinet.

"I...I... Don't know if I can love him.... " I said trying to calm myself.

"I know I am asking a lot.... But please... When the last petal falls everyone in this castle is without a doubt will die. The rose serves as our lifespan, and if that last petal will fall time will catch up to us and we will become dust." He said as his tears were threatening to fall.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused. Why would they die? Won't they just be stuck here and live here forever?

"We've been cursed for a very long time Heath. Before you were born, before your father, your grandfather, and before that we were already in this state."

"You've been trap here for more than 100 years?!" I said exclaming.

"Yes, and we wish to be free. But to do that you must help us." He said grabbing my hands with his as he gave me a pitiful look on his eyes.


Before I could finish my sentence someone knocked at the door.

It opened and the guy from earlier came in.

Marcus imediately grab his hands away from me and stepped fives steps back.

I didn't actually minded since I was staring at the man in front of me.

Now that I've finally looked at him closer he is manly unlike Marcus.

"I'm sorry for the intrusion and late introduction. My name David, the time keeper. I am here to remind you of your dinner together with master seven hours from now." He said as his face continued to show no emotions.

I looked at Marcus and he was shaking terribly.

"Marcus what's wrong?" I said as I went to his way but further stepped back.

"M-my apologies... I-I'll prepare y-your clothes." And with that said with a quick speed he tried leaving the room, but was then stoped by David.

"Now now what's the rush. Why don't you accompany him with the tour in the castle to past time." The emotionless David was now smirking while overpowering the weak Marcus. While poor Marcus was trying to shrink down from his dominating aura.

"Y-yes, t-time keeper." He said stuttering.

I looked at them confused. There was definitely going on between the two of them.

"If you c-could follow me I will show around." Then Marcus existed the room like the speed of lightning and I was having a hard time catching to him.


"S-slow down!" I said in between breaths.

Then finally Marcus stopped from his tracks and looked at me.

"I'm sorry for being too rush." He said while looking at the floor.

"It's fine, but what was that all about?" I asked concerned. "You were shaking the moment he showed up."

"Ah... Hmm... It's best if you don't know."

I don't want to creat an awkward situation so I just left that topic out of thought.

"So... Do you have a garden?" I asked changing the topic.

Then suddenly his saddened look was replace by a big smile and was back to his original state, or even better.

He showed me around the castle and my feet was hurting, and I was beginning to get tired.

"Let's go back to your room and prepare you for dinner." Marcus said out of the blue.

"Dinner?....." I gasped when I finally remembered it. " M-marcus.... I... Don't... Want... To.... Go..." I said more like a whisper in the last part.

"But you have to or master will be mad and might hurt you." He said showing the expression of fear.

"H-hurt me?" I asked shivering.

"Uhm.. that came out wrong."


We managed to come back to my room but I refuse to change.

"You need to change Heath, it's almost time."

"I'm not going." I said as I hid under the blanket.

"Please... I'll get in trouble if you wont go."

I twitched from what he said. I don't want Marcus to be punished on my behalf. I peaked from my blanket and saw his worried eyes.

I sigh in defeat.

"Fine... I'll go."

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