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He set me free...

I can't believe it!

"You may go back to your family''

He's letting me go...


Why can't I bring myself to move?

''Why aren't you moving? Go!'' He suddenly raises his voice along with his strength causing the doorknob to crumble and break.

''Not like this?'' I said. I can't leave this place like this.

'' Do you want me to drag you out of here!''


The situation is fraught and ironic. Now that the beast decided to set him free Heath wasn't anymore cooperating, and the chance to return home was being discarded away by Heath.

''I can't leave this place now... Yes, I still want to go home. But not like this.''

''I have gathered every bit of sanity left in me to say that... and now you decided to stay. Do you want revenge? Fine. Kill me. End me. Why don't you free me from this curse and just end my life.''

The beast grabbed Heath's fragile hands and handed him a knife from the side table. He made him point the edge of the blade to his heart and said those words.

Heath reluctantly pulled his arm back but each struggle the knife would only dig deeper to his skin.

''I could have killed you from the start, but I didn't. With every passing opportunity, I did not even once think of ending your life-''

"WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU KILL ME!'' He shrouded his face with his hands and swipe the table clean making a mess of the room.


Everyone in the room stopped in motion as Heath starts to voice-out his feelings.

''I actually tried to understand you from the very beginning. I didn't hate you for taking me away from my family, though it made me sad I tried... I tried to understand and put myself in your shoes. You were searching for something- desperately searching for something... or someone. I figured being a scary monster must have been rough. People are afraid of you, hence why you are lonely... I was willing to stay... part of me wanted to stay until-...''

For such a tragic memory it was hard to comprehend what happened from the very start. Nor was it easy to accept the truth that being violated could not be changed anymore. It is done. And it is also in the past.

''Until you did those things to me... Those despicable deeds you have done to me. Tainting me with your lust, your sorry excuse of a grudge to your past lover. I.AM.NOT.HER!' Never was and never will be...''

So much to say but no words could ever describe it.

Huffing from the rage he had just released he could not stop the tears that long have started to seepage from his eyes.


''APOLOGIZE!'' Heath said, uproar at the beast cutting him off from what he was about to say.

The beast held his tears back not wanting to look pathetic than he already is. When he decides to say his apologies he was again interrupted by Heath saying;

''Not to me but to everyone... you drag them from this curse. You never did once apologize nor look at their well-being because you were too busy wallowing on your own tears... For weeks of being confined in this place, it took you a day to completely break me, I could never imagine the pain and suffering your people experiencing... when they have lived here longer. You let your hatred destroy you... and that destruction ruined your people.''

Finally done from his outburst the beast tried to approach him, but Heath stopped him almost immediately.

''Do not come near... not until you did as I say. Not until you earn your people's love and trust again. Not until you right what you have done wrong. And not until you are forgiven. You claim that you love me, then prove to me, Gale... that you are not the beast who they claim you to be. From what I have heard your story was unfortunate but your actions do not justify what you've done.''

Gale was speechless...

He stood there struck from what he just said, but apparently, a part of him was happy.

''If you have nothing to say then you will find me nursing Marcus. And until you've done what you're supposed to do from the start, take a good look because this is the last day you will see and talk to me.''

Heath pushed the beast out of the room and slammed the door closed.


'' That was a brave thing you did dear? For us...'' Mrs. Potts said finally uttering a word after the beast left.

Heath stayed quiet and diverted his attention to Marcus instead.

Then suddenly the other side of the door begun to make noises- quarreling noises. Their noises were muffled from there distance but it was clear enough it was between two men.

''Mrs. Potts if it's Sir Damien and the be- '' He cleared his throat correcting what he was about to say. He got used to calling him 'the beast' that it felt surreal. ''Ahem... if it's Sir Damien and Gale, kindly tell them to leave. Please''

Mrs. Potts' expression suddenly became terrified.

''I-I'm sorry I can't. I can't do it.'' Her hands started shivering and her complexion seems to be paling.

''Mrs. Potts, there is no need to be scared now.'' Heath held her hands comforting her. Heath wears the calmest expression which in return convinced Mrs. Potts to do what he asked.


''I will see him and my child be!'' David said while Gale blocked the entrance of the room.

''No brother. Listen to me, you swore that you'd always have my back... I want you to leave Marcus as of now.''

''I'm sorry brother. That I cannot do. Now stand aside!'' The two brutes started for the entrance, they looked like wrestling together in a cockpit. Just when Gale manages to lock David on the floor Mrs. Potts opened the door.

''Your highness, my lord. I was asked to tell you to leave immediately.''

When David was about trying to get through the door Gale got to him before he could get the chance. David was a strong man, but apparently, Gale was supreme compared to him.

''We shall depart immediately.''

Mrs. Potts bowed her head and close the door again.

''Brother! Please. You will see him again but you have to listen to what I have to say. I swear to you. This will change everything.''

Finally, Gale manages to convince David and they left the room and proceeded to the library to discuss what needs to be discussed.

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