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Once upon a time in a distant land stood a great Castle that was ruled by a gruesome and evil king. So cruel that his own people fled him. They could no longer handle their sadistic king, they were left to starve and die. Some refused to die and dare to eat dead human bodies, be it be rotting or not.

On the stroke of midnight as the king was strolling alone in the night an enchantress appeared into him.

"You are a gruesome king therefore as punishment you shall become a gruesome beast."

He tried to beg for forgiveness, but the goddess would not change the fact that he will become a beast. Yet she took pity on such mortal and said;

"Very well... You shall have your own form back..."

"Thank you milady-"

"But...." She said in continuation. "You will become a beast every stroke of midnight. You will grow wings, horns, and fangs, but when the full moon comes you will become into a mad beast and will only subside after a release."

He didn't get the chance to complain for the enchantress was about to fade, and in haste he could only say;

"Will this curse be lifted?" And the enchantress replied;

"A heart that's dark will change
A soul that's bound with chains
Only the fairest Only the a chaste
Learn to love a beast
And you will find peace"

The enchantress left a magical rose that hasn't yet bloomed. Once he finds what he needs it will bloom and slowly it will wither. If he won't be able to find love inside him.... he will be doom to become a beast forever.

In a flash of light the enchantress was gone.

Since that dreadful day he became worse to worser.

He began attacking villagers killing them without mercy, until finally the humans dared to come face to face with the beast.

"Who dares tresspass my land!" Roared the beast.

"A-a mare Villagers who s-seeks p-p-peace." He said while stuttering.

"Peace! I'll give you peace when I'm done slaughtering you all!"

"No please don't..." He said trying to convince the beast.

"We'll do anything... Anything at all... Just please spare us..."

It was quite for a moment...


" Anything?" Asked the beast.

"Yes! Yes! Anything..."

"Very well... Bring me all the virgins in the land until I find what I seek, only the fairest only the chaste shall break the curse and set me free. Now go!"

And they ran as fast as they can. They shared the news about the beast terrorizing their village and shared its condition. Then they begun to send virgins into his castle, but the rose bud never bloomed. Years had past until they had already presented all the virgins in the land.

The beast was petrified and begun killing people again...

Until one man said who was with his wife;

"I know a virgin..." He said like a whisper.

"The one with you? I could already smell that she has already been touched!" He said ready to rip the man apart.

" No! I know someone... And a virgin... Only the fairest.... Only the chaste... I-i can assure you this is the one you seek." He said between breath.

Then he grab the man from his colar close to his breath. The man could not struggle because he was too frightened to move. He looked at the eyes of the beast and could already see his life flash before his eyes... Then...


The beast dropped him. He turned his back and grab the woman.

"Ahhhh! Dear help me!" She said screaming her throat out.

"Please don't hurt her!" He said kneeling and pleading.

"You have until the second sun set. Fail to bring me this maiden and your wife will be my supper." He said and left.


"Brother where have you been?" Asked Blaine.

He could already tell that his brother is deeply troubled since he has been making troubled faces.

"What's wrong brother?"

He was silent for a second then...

"I.... I'm sorry Blaine..." He said in tears.

"Why what's wrong? Tell me? Maybe I could help." He said in worry as he held his brothers hand.

"Blaine... Your the only man in this land that had not been wed yet...." He said more like a statement.

"Y-yes... Brother you seem troubled where is your wife?"

"Blaine I need to ask you something... But please don't refuse this offer..."

He kneeled down and held his brother's hands and said;

"Of course that's what brothers do."




"I need you as bait for the beast."

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