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Heath ran only wearing a thin blanket as he raced in the snow not knowing where he was going. He wanted to be away... Far away from the beast.

As he ran in the cold snow. His feet was beginning to hurt from the icy cold snow flakes. Each step he takes feels like a thousand needles.

He stopped and drop on the cold ground. Then he saw blood crystalizing.

He ran his fingers up between his thigh, and when he reached them he saw that he was still bleeding. The snow wasn't helping in easing the pain.

He started to get up but he stopped he he heard a twig snapped.

He looked at his surroundings...


He thought that the beast found him.

This imediately became his motivation to get up from his feet and continued from his uncertain path.

Then another twig snapped, but this time it was accompanied by a growl.

A huge black wolf came into view and was bearing his fangs. Heath stepped back in fear. His hectic breathing was visible from the cold temperature.

The wolf started sniffing and it realize that he was bleeding. Apart from the bloodied blanket he was wearing, the fresh scent of blood was present in the air.

Then several wolves came out from the shadow also bearing thier fangs at Heath.

"P-please....  Please help me...." Heath said feeling crazy to what he said. How can a wolf understand him. He thought to himself.

The black wolf suddenly changed into something. Bones were cracking, its fur was disappearing, and changed into a skin.

How can this be? Heath said inside his head.

After the shifting a man in his 20s was now in front of Heath. He has black hair and light brown eyes. His built was just right. He looked strong and dignified.

"Who are you? Why did you cross our border?" He asked Heath with a deep and deadly voice.

Heath didn't answer instead he stepped further back.

The wolf noticed he was planning to run, so he took the initiative to ran towards him in advance.

He pinned Heath on the ground.

Memories of the beast forcing him started playing in his head.

"AHHHH STOP! STOP! P-please.... Stop!"

Heath was struggling.

He was kicking and punching.

He was crying himself in fear.

The alpha itself was having a hard time calming him.

"S-top! Calm dow-"

Before he could finish his sentence a loud and more dominating growl silence the forest.

The beast found Heath.

"GET.OFF.OF.HIM." Simply said the beast but it stroke fear in the hearts of the wolves.

The kneeled before him and so as the other wolves.

"We apologise your majesty we did not know it was the rumored beauty who will broke the curse."

The night was silent.

They do not know what would be his actions since he was only looking at Heath.

The young lad who could do nothing but sat there and watch was shaking in fear.

Then with one swift motion they heard a slap.

They never believe their eyes of what the beast has done.

He slapped Heath making him fall further to the ground as his lips were now bleeding from the force.

He could not speak.

He was too afraid that if he says a word he might further anger the beast.

"Get up. You will walk all the way back to the castle with those ragged clothes you are wearing without escort. This is punishment for running away from me."

He was still frozen stiff. He could not think properly.

"I said get up! Or else I will have to drag you all they way back to the castle."

With that Heath imediately got up, but not before falling several times. The beast was growing impatient. The moment he got up and started to fall the alpha helped him get his balance.

Heath couldn't say thank you. He was too distracted by fear.

And so he walks. Barely naked.

His body was getting weaker with every step he takes. The beast was in front of him, and even if he tries to escape now.... Things would only make it worst.


When they reached the castle the beast did not even looked back and left Heath at the door way and proceeded to his quarters.

Marcus ran towards him the moment he saw Heath.

He was heartbroken when he saw how weak Heath was.

"Heath! Oh my goodness are oka-" before he could further asked if he was okay Heath collapsed on the floor.

"Heath! Oh my god Heath!"

Marcus called for help.

He was ice cold.

And his thighs...

Marcus covered his mouth... Tears starts pouring on his cheeks as he saw the cracked lips, bruised body, hickeys, and bleeding insides.

David and the other staff came.

"Call the healer right away!" Commanded David.

They hurriedly carried Heath to a warm bath until the healer arrives.

Marcus knew this was serious, because even David is panicking which never happened before.

The healer arrived and examined Heath.

Then the master came...

"What's the commotion all about..."

The room went silence....

Then the healer cleared his throat and said;

"He is dying your majesty."

I know I know. He is definitely a beast. I know you want to kill him. And I know I'm being exagge here but please understand. This is just all in my imagination.

And no worries. Just like the original the beast will come to his senses. But..... With a twist😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

That reminds me. I still haven't named the beast yet. If you got an idea please comment below. Cause me bad at naming people.



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