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When I woke up I find myself inside a room, the castle's guest room

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When I woke up I find myself inside a room, the castle's guest room. I suddenly remembered what happened and I was searching the whole entire room of any sign of the beast....


I sigh in relief once I find myself alone inside the comfy room, but was soon interrupted when the door knob turned.

I scurried further at the end of the bed and covered myself with a blanket.

As the door opened... I was once again relief that it was just Marcus.

Once Marcus saw me out of bed he quickly ran towards me and said;

"Goodness! You shouldn't be out of bed!"

He grab me and forced me to lie down.

"2 days ago we thought you were gonna die! I will not be having you out of bed unless your strength is return completely."

I lie there following his demands...

I feel like I have a mother...

That made me smile.

"Its nice to see you laughing right now." Marcus said as he started preparing my meal.

I didn't say anything after that, and he was right I do feel weak.

"What happened?" I asked and Marcus flinch a little but soon continued to what he was doing.

"You don't remember anything?" He asked looking concern as he blow the soup.

"I remember something... I was outside... There was a big wolf who transformed into a human.... Then the beast came... And... a-and.... He...h-he...."

"Hush now." Marcus interrupted. Maybe he noticed that I was about to have a nervous breakdown.

"You don't have to tell me the details, after Master brought you back to the castle you fainted. The physician said there was a possibility you won't make it... That's why I'm so happy that you're okay now." Marcus said with a smile.

I smiled in return.

It was such a peaceful moment until...

The door opened slam.

I drop my spoon and ran to the corners of the room, as far away from the beast.

Marcus took a bow and was unsure what to do after that.

"Leave us." Said the beast.

"M-marcus..." I looked at him begging not to leave.

"Now." He said this time more sternly.

"Yes your majesty." Marcus said as he kept his head low unable to face me.

Marcus left without looking back.

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