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As I step inside I was greeted by an enormous table that was filled with various of foods.

Goodness this amount of food can already sustain my entire village.

I roam my eyes and it lead to the fireplace where I notice there was someone sitting near there. I slowly approached that figure since that warm fireplace is tempting but as soon as I took my third step he spoke.

"Stay where you are!" He said rising his voice.

I stopped and was frozen still.

"I-I'm sorry." I said lowering my head.

He rise from his chair and I could see from his back that he has a nice figure. Like the stories you usually read where the protagonist of the story is being introduced.... But this time it was the antagonist's turn.

When he turn his face I imediately said...

"Beautiful..." Then I realize what I said. I shouldn't have said that! Stupid me! I quickly covered my mouth with my hands and prayed that he didn't heared me..... But unfortunately....

"Save you compliments to yourself, it will not change that I will have to kill you soon."

I trembled as soon as he said that.

"W-why?" I asked bravely apart from my trembling legs.

He looked at me in demise then looked away.

"You're all the same. Woman! Typically. You coward in fear and wait until someone rescues you... You're weak... You're worthless..." He said as he faced the fireplace again.

"How does it relates to the situation now? I have done nothing wrong why should you kill me. You of all... of all ......beings .....have no right to take my life." I said as the last part where almost like whisper.

He looked at me in rage and approached me grabbing me from my wrist.

"With one swift of my claws you are dead WOMAN! Mind your words or it will be the death of you."

He said as my heart beaten faster than before.... But....

"But... I have done nothing wrong... And so as the other victims... What did we do that made you like-"

"Like what?! Like a monster! A BEAST!" He said cutting me off. His grip was tighter and it was beginning to get hurt......

I say no further and lay my head low. I was beyond scared now.

"S-sire." Someone said interrupting us. And thank goodness for that.

"WHAT!" He said shouting. I twitch from his sudden outburst and could not stop the tears I was holding for so long...

"It is time."

He did not let go of wrist but instead he pulled me close.... Close enough to smell his scent.

"By the time we are done with the selection and you somehow failed I can finally rip that pretty face of yours." He said smirking as he pulled me towards another room.

We climbed some stairs until we were facing a golden door. The time keeper opened the door and made way for us to enter. He pulled me hard that I fell on my knees, but that did not stop him from pulling me further. I couldn't stop my tears from flowing of how cruel he was towards me.

We stopped if front of a bud rose...

This is the legendary blue bud... The cursed rose.

He took the glass that was caging the rose, then he said.

"Touch it."

I looked at him and he was eager of what will happen next... It's like he already knows what will happen.

I hesitated but then;

"I won't ask you again. TOUCHED IT!" I twitch and lightly backing out, but he grab firm of me never letting me go.

Afraid that he will again show his dark side further I slowly reached out my hand and........ I touched it.....

Nothing happened.

"I knew it..." He said deeper than before.

I could sense that his claws were starting to appear. I could see that his bloody eyes were glowing. I could see that he's ready to kill me now and then.

I stepped backwards as he slowly approached me.

"I knew you were like the rest...." He said as he further close the gap between us.

"A POWER. HUNGRY. SLUT who spread thier legs to anyone as long as they are showered with riches.... Bet you came here thinking you might get my treasures didn't you."

He continues to insult me as he grab me from the neck and lift me from the ground. I choked. I struggled as tears flooded my face. I'm scared.... Why is doing this to me.

"Sire!" The Time keeper shouted stealing the attention towards him. He pointed back at the rose bud and and he dropped me on the floor coughing from lack of oxygen. He stood thier watching something.... But I was too busy catching my breath.

As I raise my head to get a glimpse of what was happening it was then I too.... Stared blankly....

On a blooming rose.

The flower emitted a sweet fragrant.

As I smell the scent it was sweet.... I couldn't discribed it. It was.... New to me. I've never once smelled this before.

The rose was now fully bloomed....

And that means one thing....

Brother was right...

I'm the one destined to lift the curse.

But why me?

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