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"What! Why?" I asked shocked from his request.

"Diana... She... She's held hostage by the beast... He was about to attack us so I needed to do something.... So I tricked him into believing that I know a virgin...."

"So you lied to him?" I said exclaming.

"No." He said imediately. "Can't you see... You're the virgin I'm referring to."

I can't believe this! I can't believe I'm hearing these words coming from my brother.... I felt..... Betrayed

I couldn't process his words.... It took me a while to even speak... I held my head in confusion and sat down as I shake my head...

"This can't be happening... H-how.... I.... I'm a man! How can I be a bait. He can smell my scent and he'll know right away!" I said slightly shouting.

"Yes!.... Yes.... You are a man... But the prophecy never says that the one who will break the curse is a woman... This is why the beast never find the who  she seeks."


"Please Blaine... Save my wife... Save our child...."

The moment I heard him say child I looked at him dumbfounded.

"She's pregnant?" I asked worried.

"Yes.... 2 months now.... Please.... Blaine.... I'm begging you......please...."

As much as I want to refuse I can't....

They're having a baby...

I don't want my brother to grow old and alone.

So I made a decision...

"I'll do it."

My brother literary jump in joy when I agreed, but my hurt sunk as he did.

He ordered the servants to dressed me up. He made me wear Diana's clothes, but when he forces me to also wear her perfume I resisted.

"Do I have to smell like her? Wouldn't that be a little suspicious?"

"You have to... To cover your scent."

"At least let me choose my own perfume." I said begging him to agree.

"Very well hurry before I change my mind."

I ran to the basement and found mother's chest that father locked away because his new wife didn't want to see her belongings roaming inside her house.

I saw a printed rose bottle and sprayed it into mg whole body... After that I went upstairs to look for my brother.

When I appeared infront of him his mouth was slightly open as his eyes were buldging.

"My dear! You looked like a real woman." Said my brother who I think complementing me.

"You got your mother's eyes and father's golden hair." He said adding another complement from my new form.

I clear my throat and said...

"S-shall we... Brother?" I said slightly blushing.

"Ah... Yeah... Let's go... It's almost sun set."

And so we drifted ourselves into the forbidden forest and stopped from out tracks when we heard a branch snapping.

I gasp from where I stood and there I saw a.... A man?.... No.... He has horns.... A monster. He was holding Diana by the hair as she wept her tears out.

This is not good for her. She's pregnant.

"H-here she is.... The maiden I was talking about.... Now please..... Let go of my wife." Said my brother stuttering.

The beast dropped her and she ran towards my brother embracing him as if she didn't saw him for a long time.

"Leave before I change my mind." Said the beast.

I gazed at my brother to see his pleading eyes to keep up with the act....

I looked at the beast once more But I could hardly see his face.

"C-come into the light." I said kindly trying not to be demanding.

He slowly come out from the shadows revealing his full form.

He was a man. Around 20. Black hair.... But bloody crimson eyes. He has fangs when he held a sickening grin..... And his tail and horn are adding more to his scarry look. I gasp and ran to my brother.

"Brother please... Don't!" I said trying to convince him to not leave me with him.

"I'm sorry Blaine....." My brother diverted his gaze ayaw from me and looked at the beast and said;

"She's all yours."

"No! Please! Brother! Please!" I said literally kneeling at him. But he ignored me, soon the beast grabbed my arm and I struggled hard.

"Please brother! Don't leave! I'm begging you! Take me with you! Diana please!" I called to her but she just sunk her face at her husband's chest and went with their way.

"You're coming with me!" He said this time pulling and carried me at his shoulder.

"No!" I tried squirming out of his grip but it was useless. I begged at him but he too ignore bmy pleas.

A few hours later we reached a castle. A very old one to top with that.

When we reach inside it was so dark until with a snap of his hand there were lighted candles all over place.

He put me down and I stepped awag from him minding our gap.

"You are to live here forever. That is if you're the one I seek, if not I...." He stepped in closer and soon he locked me on a wall. He lean close to my ear and whispered deathly " I will kill you."

Soon after that he left climbing from his quarters and left me frozen on the wall. My legs finally gave up from all the things that happened today and I fell on the floor sobbing.

After crying I was beginning to get sleepy. I follwed the lighted candles and it lead me to a room. I slept there thinking if beast might visit him while he sleep. But after the load full things happened today he manage to fall asleep right away.....

Unaware that tomorrow will decide his fate.

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