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The smirk that David gave me never faded in my memories for it hunted me along the way to the dinning room, heck it might also hunt me in my sleep.

His smirk lies different kinds of meaning, I don't know how to explain this to you but seeing that smirk I somehow pity Marcus.

Moments of walking I noticed a bright room ahead of us. My chest was about to break from my ever bearing beated heart. It never pumped like this before.

Fear... Anticipation... Anxiousness...

My feelings are all mixed up.

As I get closer and closer I heard a grumble coming from inside.

"Where is he!"

Then I heared something being thrown by the wall and crashes into thousand of pieces. I took one step back and in that moment I wanted to ran, but as I step further my back came contact into something hard yet warm.

It was David.

As I looked at David he towers me with his built and gaze at me as if I was a prey. Then he leans at me and whisper;

"If only you weren't the one whose gonna break the curse you'll be begging me to stop right now, just like my Marcus."

Then he walks as if nothing happened then he looks back at me and said;

"Come now master is already mad."

I hesitated in walking further and wanted to ran back at my room but David already announced my arrival;

"He's here, Master." Then with a bow he gestured me to come along. I was about to follow him but then an angry voice stopped me from going any further;

"What took you so long!" Said the Beast much louder than the rest.

"He did not wish to eat with you, master, but Marcus manage to convince him." He said calmly as if he was used to deal with this situation before.

"Well....?" Where is he?!"

I'm not really sure what to do at this point. If I ran I'll make things worst, and if I join him I don't know if I live to tell the tale.

I was finally back from reality when David called my name and told me to get inside. I followed him... Each step feels like a thousand needles.

When I was finally in sight I kept my head low and followed David silently. He lead me two seats away from the beast and left me there without saying another word.

I couldn't help myself but peek through my hair. Which by the way I regreted it whole heartedly.

I saw him looking at me with those deadly eyes. I averted my gaze and nibble with my fingers that I usually do when I'm agitated.

I know he saw me looking at him. I shouldn't have agreed to this.

But I have to...

Everything that happens now....

I did it for my loved once...

Even if they betrayed me in the end.

I love them too much that I can't afford to hate them.


It was silent for half an hour... Then came in the next main dish.

Fish fillet, shrimp, and..... Oysters?

Oh no....

I'm allergic to these foods!

I didn't move my hands... I just sat there awkwardly ignoring the fact that I'm already disrespecting the chief who cooked this. I'm sorry.... I'll die if I eat these foods.

Fortunately for me the beast seems not to care.

I couldn't help the fact that even he is scary... He is also attractive at the same time. I'm a man but I can't deny that he's a handsome King. It sometimes made me think why would anyone wanted to leave such a man.

Dinner ended peacefully without any problem. Thank goodness....

I didn't eat the sea food and I'm thankful he didn't forced me too.

The moment he finished his food I had hoped it was the end of it, and I would soon retire from my quarters.

But fate wasn't just favoring me right now.

After he finished his food and got up and pulled from my arm and drag to who knows where.

Of course I was afraid...

But I couldn't struggle in fear that I may anger him further...

Before I completely lost sight of the dining room I get to see a glimpse of Marcus's face.... For some reason his face held deep pity, I knew from the start that it was from me. And know full well that something bad will happen to me.

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