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Sorry for the snail speed update.😖 I'll make every chapter Worth it!

"Can you tell me now?"


"How about now?"

"Not. Yet."

"Please... Just tell me... Please...."

"Dear boy! Do your chores and after that during dinner I'll tell you. It's only five in the morning so spare me!" Mrs. Potts dramatically put her hand on her forehead and as if she was about to faint.

"Fine. During dinner."

I hurriedly done my chores as fast as possible.

Cleaning the furniture, though I just clean it yesterday but they want it to be dusted everyday.

Swiping the floor. Wiping the window. And finally..... Lighting all the candles.

But this time. Mrs. Potts is here to accompany me. I couldn't do it... Not unless she's with me. I know that she's tired, but I really couldn't finish my task cause everytime I tried to light them my thoughts would go paranoid; imagining things that he might attack again when I'm not paying attention.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Potts for dragging you... I know your tired... I just can't...." I held back a tear that was threatening to fall.

"It's alright dear. I can understand. I victim of rape is not a laughing matter." She said rubbing my back.

We all the candles... All except his room.

We stood there outside his door debating if I should knock.

Mrs. Potts saw my discomfort and offered herself to light the candle. After all who would be interested on a fifty year old woman. At least that's what she said.

I took her helped and thanked her multiple times.

"Just wait here. I'll be quick."

When she entered the room I stood there waiting in anticipation.

For about fifteen minutes the door know started to twist. I smiled from ear to ear that we were finally done for the day and eat our dinner. But when the door finally reveled the person it wasn't Mrs. Potts....

It wasn't Sir David either.

It was a girl. The new one that came from last week. I almost wanted to hug her since I know right then that she just went through what I did, but when I looked at her face she wasn't crying.

She was blushing! And Giggling as she left probably going back to her room.

This time Mrs. Potts appeared out of the door.
Relief to see her I approach her to grab her arm but stopped myself.

A half naked Sir David is also standing beside her.

She was talking to Mrs. Potts but I wasn't listening. I was too occupied in wanting to run, but I couldn't just leave without her. When they were done talking his gaze shifted from her to me. I gulp a bile of saliva as he smiled at me. But it wasn't friendly.... It was sinister... It was disgusting.... It was horrifying... It made my knees shake when I locked eyes with him.

It took all my courage and strength to stand up. Any moment now my knees would collapse.

"Next time Mrs. Potts. Let the boy do his job. We're not paying you to light all the candles." He said never breaking eye contact.

"Yes sir. I understand. Then we will be on our way."

If it weren't for Mrs. Potts dragging me away I wouldn't be able to move from where I was standing.

"It's okay now boy... It's done now."

I didn't reply. Couldn't say a thing. I just shivered as she drag me to the kitchen. She sat me down and started serving us foods. I didn't have the appetite to eat.

"Eat boy..." She said with concern on her features.

"I... I'm not hungry..." I mumbled. I just sat there saying nothing after that.

After many times of begging Mrs. Potts was finally satisfied that I at least consume half of the food. I thank her and retired to my room. It was Nine already... Though my body tired my brain can't seem to relax. I tried closing my closing my eyes trying my best to fall asleep.

"Why can't I sleep....?" I said to myself as I kicked the blanket off of me.

I suddenly had the urge to drink water so I went to the kitchen with a candle on my right hand as my guide in the darkness.

When I finally saw the barrel I settled the candle on the counter, I turn the tap and drank enough to quench my sudden thirst. As I was about to reach for the candle a sudden breeze of wind coming from nowhere killed the fire which caught me off guard.

"W-wha-" I covered my eyes with my arms crossing it in case something will hit me.

Then it was darkness.

"Where did that came from?" I asked myself as I search my pockets for some match.


I guess I'm walking back without any sight of where I'm going.

And like a blind man I tried to remember the structure of this enormous castle. If I recall correctly a couple of steps and I'll reach a table...

And as I used my hands to sense the table, but as I took three steps I bumped into something hard.

A wall?

"I don't remember having a wall here?"

I once again said out loud....

But this time...

Who would have thought that a wall would talk back.

"Are you lost... My pet?" A husky and bone chilling voice whispered on my ears.

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