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I have been struggling to understand what I have been feeling this entire time.

Gale, the beast who once tortured and raped me is asking for my forgiveness. I know he is sincere but why should I forgive him?

Should I?

Should I not?

The room that I am occupying since I've moved out of Gale's room had a great view of the garden. I've never noticed that such a spectacular place would exist in this abhorrent place. I never had the chance to take a moment to let everything that happened sink in.

I look at the horizon. The beast owns this vast yet cursed land. Beyond the horizon, I could see a colorful barrier, much similar to an aurora. The barrier divides two different worlds that were once united in the past. I could see people working. Bakers baking, seller's selling their products, and families that looked happy even though they are trapped and isolated from the real world.

My eyes came down back to the garden where I've found Marcus sitting on a bench, making himself comfortable with a cup of tea. I should join him momentarily.

Gale had been respecting wish to be separated from him. He does not approach me without my consent, and much to my delight David seems to be more cooperative too. I could see they were trying. They may try to hide it but I know they were the once that would sneak-out cookies late at night and leave them by the entrance of our door. I and Marcus now share a room. I know it wasn't the maid, because Mrs. Potts caught them red-handed.

We laugh upon hearing the story from Mrs. Potts. Their faces were hilarious when they were unexpectedly caught, at least that's what Mrs. Potts said. The sculpted vase that shaped like a swan was never empty. Every day fresh roses always placed inside the vase, a waste of good flowers if you ask me.

When I went down the stairs with a book on my hand I saw David and Marcus into deep conversation. I did not want to interrupt, after all, it is none of my business, but if things get heated up then it would be of best interest to interrupt. Although, they seem to be doing alright. Marcus isn't frustrated nor anxious, they actually looked like they are having a good conversation.  So instead of going to the garden, I headed back upstairs and took a right turn.

'I guess I'll go to the library today.' I thought to myself.

When I open the door I was treated by Gale trying to return a book back to the shelf. We had a long staring contest before one of us decided to blink and look away.

"I'm sorry I didn't know someone was here," I said as I open the door wider keeping my gaze to the floor.

"It is alright. I was about to leave." He kindly said with a smile.

He put the rest of the book back and went towards the door.

We can't keep avoiding each other like this.

I grab his hand by instinct and he was stopped from his tracks. His face was in complete shock as he looked at our hands that are now entwined together.

I blush and quickly pulled my hands away.

"Stay... I need to discuss something with you." I said opening the door for him.

He nodded his head in agreement and went inside. There was this one long sofa where we both sat at both ends. It wasn't that wide, enough to actually keep our distance.

"So... What is it that you want to talk about?"

I stayed quiet for a moment, thinking if I should really ask him. But it was now or never;

"I want to talk about your past... To...to understand you better. You don't need to force yourself if you don't want to, I was only suggesting that we should at least-"

I couldn't finish my sentences since he started to laugh.

His laugh was deep like I've imagined it would be. His baritone voice makes it alluring to hear.

"You're so tense. You can relax love, I won't ever harm you anymore." He said his laughter died down together with his smile. "So... Where do I begin?" He asked as he folded his legs and rested his arm on the armchair.

"Your childhood," I replied.


I was just sitting at the garden admiring the flowers that were in full bloom when sir David arrived.

I stood up from my seat and took a step back.

Yet he did not approach me further. He stood there waiting for me to say something.

"W-what do you want?" I said stuttering.

"May have tea with you?" He asked with the softest voice he could muster.

I thought really hard if I should agree when my mind came to an agreement that it would be alright. His Majesty declared that he forbids any acts of malice and ill-intentions. A strict command that happened overnight when I was unconscious.

I nodded my head in reply.

With one simple gesture, I get to see his smiling face which no one ever thought he was capable of such expression.

He was more handsome and approachable when he smiles.

"You should smile more often." I blurted out suddenly. I slap myself mentally telling myself why would I say such a thing.

"If it pleases you then I shall better get used to smiling."

"You should... You look... You look more approachable."

A quiet nod was his reply as he was back to his meek self. He sips the tea and we were now in complete silence.

A moment after he realizes that I was beginning to feel agitated he suddenly said;

"My apologies for my meekness, I notice it somehow makes you nervous."

"It is alright. You don't need to apologize." I said as I avoid looking at his face.

"That's not all... I also would like to apologize for everything I have done to you. You did not deserve those things which I had selfishly befall on you. And I will take full responsibility for our offspring and be the father of our child."

"It is not yours-"

"Yes. It is mine." He said with great confidence.

"I've asked Metro for the truth. I knew you were lying to me when you said it is not my child."

He knows!

"Tell me, why did you hide the truth from me?"

As promised. An update. Enjoy!

Luv u readers.  😘mwa!

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