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When I started gaining consciousness I noticed that I was not in my usual bed. It was more of a royalty lavish bedding. The room itself was not meant for a commoner like me. My gaze searches the whole room until it landed on David, who was leaning on the wall looking at me silently.

I pulled the covers up the moment I saw him. My heart started pumping fast and my hands started shaking.

Oh, how this man terrifies me so...

We kept ourselves in complete silence no one dares to initiate the talk. That was until he said;

"You're pregnant and you didn't tell me."

I gulped bile of liquid down my throat. I avoided his gaze, trying to figure out what to say.

Why didn't I told you?

Who knows what you'll do to the baby?

"Answer me.'' His tone has gone dark. I finch for a moment there but composed myself immediately. I need to come up with something...

When he took a step closer I suddenly blurted out words without thinking thoroughly, saying;

"It's not your baby!"

He halted from his position and his eyes were wide shocked, but his stoic face came back instantly like lightning and plastered a dark smirk on his face as he;

"And who fucking dare else claim you unless they want to die." He said darkly.

"I-it's true! It is not your baby! It belongs to someone else! I laid with another-"

I was suddenly slammed on the soft mattress, as my ears rang from the sudden impact, I stared at his face with fright when I realize he was losing control...

His eyes are of a different color...


When the last petal falls, you will be doomed to become a beast forever.

Your servants will suffer with you. Insanity will consume every last one of you. Unless...

A beauty will love beast...

"Enchantress... Curse me if you wish... I've long lost myself in insanity... what's more to lose?"

A man sitting on his throne said to the beautiful enchantress who was floating as if on water. Everything around her was glowing... a gentle light...

"Young boy... I understand your feelings... I have curse you not only to punish you... but also to help you. I shall return when the last petal falls..."

I opened my eyes only to see that I was lying beside the beast.

I scurried away from him. I got out of bed and stepped back until the cold wall kisses my back. I gasp for air as I started to calm down. The beast was still fast asleep. I sigh in relief.

"W-where am I?" I say.

I stood up from the cold floor and carefully make my way away from the bed. I slowly made my way to another room, there I saw some glowing light. I followed and only to be lead to another room where a single rose was being covered by a glass. I remember this rose. This was the rose the beast made me touch.

I noticed that the rose was fully bloomed and three or four petals already fell. I wish to touch it. Maybe then I could change everything... I might be free... I uncover the rose lifting the glass cover. The rose felt like it was calling me... I didn't notice that my hands were already slowly nearing the rose...

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