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"He is dying." The healer said.

"WHAT!" Shouted the beast.

He could not believe that the only person who can lift this curse is dying.

"Save him! Do whatever it takes to save him!" The beast said as he threatened the healer grabbing his coat.

"I-i'm sorry your majesty but b-because of the boundary I can't find any herbal herbs to heal him. Only time will tell if he makes it or not." He said stuttering.

"THIS CAN'T BE!" shouted the beast.

He went on rampage. He started turning the tables and throwing books that almost hit Marcus when he entered the room carrying hot water. Good thing David catched it before it happens.

"Gale you need to calm down." Said David. "Marcus leave the water here and leave us alone for now."

Marcus followed his instructions and headed out. The moment he closed the door he left together with the healer.

"How can I calm down when he is dying!" Said Gale.

"And whose fault was it in the first place?" Gale looked at him surpriced to hear how David talked back to him.

This wasn't the first but David never really cared and minded his own business.

"Your saying it's my fault-"

"Yes." David answered firmly.

"If he didn't run away-"

"If you would have controlled your temper he wouldn't be in this state...."

Gale was quite. Starting to feel a little bit guilty.

"Gale remember... This young lad is important. Aside from the fact that he is the one who will lift the spell..... He is also innocent."

David stopped for a moment and observed Gales expression. It was twisted.... Like fate.

"Gale I know that you hardly trust anyone now because of what happened in the past. But you need to know that not all people are like that. Heath.... Heath is not like that."

Gale looked at the young boy who is bed ridden and could die any time because of his doing.

"Heath is such a sweet boy. So innocent so fragile. Right now that boy has been through a lot. And you know that right from the start. What did he do to deserve such treatment?"


"Answer me Gale."

He was silent at first, then he hesitantly answered;


"Exactly. He is not the woman you loved and betrayed you-"

"But he ran away like what she did to me!" Argued Gale.

"In fear Gale.... He ran away in fear not in lust.... There's a big difference." David said as he shake his head in disbelief.

"Goodness Gale, is this the reason why you treat him so badly? It is because he looks exactly like Bella?"

Gale was once again silent.

David sigh in disbelief.

"You are still a naive king" David said without hesitation.

Gale growled at him and said;

"You're no different with that servant boy." Gale said.

"You mean Marcus." David giggled at his childish behavior. "Marcus is more than a toy to me. He changed me, and I hope Heath will do the same to you." He said sincerely.

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