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To those who read this story. I'm sorry if I only update if I feel like writing. Sorry really!

The beast drag Heath harshly leading him to a unfamiliar room. The door frame was full of scratch marks and he would never dare to enter that room. But as much as he despise it he cannot refuse.

"W-where are you taking me?" Heath ask stuttering. His legs were shaking and his lips were trembling. Tears threatening to fall.

Back when he was still a kid he was always a scaredy cat. His brother would play pranks on him, scaring him whenever he gets the chance. And poor Heath would cry in his room.

The beast never answered him, but that was for the best.

Little did Heath know he is in for a more painful experience.

It was the night of the full moon.

The beast, the master of the castle, will go in heat. He is partly animal. He doesn't just decide on his free will, but once in a while his beastly instinct will control him.

The beast opened the room and harshly pulled him inside. Heath stumbled on the floor. He hurt his hip upon landing on the hard marbled floor.

As he recover himself from the pain he noticed that the beast was undressing. That was when he started to panicked.

He stood up and ran for the door, but unfortunately it was locked.

He shouted for help but no one answered.

"Please help! Please!"

He kept banging on the wooded door but still no one answered him.

It was then that the beast was finally naked that he took Heath over his shoulder and forcefully laid him on the bed. Heath tried to escape but was roughly pinned on the matress as his hands were locked behind his back.

"O-ow... sto-.....p... It hurts...." He said finally crying.

"We haven't even started yet, and now you are crying." The beast said in a deep voice that send chills down Heath's spine.

He licked Heath's face and soon laid small kisses on his neck down to his back.

Heath felt disgusted by his actions.

This felt wrong and immoral. This was dispicable!

"We're both men!" He shouted hopefully to give senses out of the beast.

"Tell me something I don't know." He said grinning as he looked at Heath's pitiful body unable to fight back.

The beast was no longer in his right mind. He could not even call senses out of himself. This rut has been the worst in his entire life.

Usually he would only fuck his servants, and after that done. He never lost control nor have a hard time keeping his remaining consciousness intact.

He soon unbuckled Heath's belt, and made him turn over so he could see his face.

Once he did he saw the crying face Heath was making. Heath once again begged...

"Please.... Stop.... I.... I'm scared...."

But that only turned him on even more.

His grip tighten.

He became rougher biting Heath all over his body never even minding that he is already bleeding.

"Ow! It hurts!... Sto- ahhow!"

Heath tried to hit him with his fist, but it was blocked easily.

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