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Marcus's pov.

"Please let me explain!" I beg to David but he was too lost in anger

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"Please let me explain!" I beg to David but he was too lost in anger.

He drag me to his quarters which only means trouble. He only brings me to his room if I did something unforgivable.

He pulled me inside when I refused to come in. This always happens.... He never let me explain.

He pushed me on the mattress and before I knew it he was already on top of me.

"You're mine." He said and started undressing me. He forcefully open my shirt making all the buttons springing away.

"P-please listen!" I beg.

Yet he didn't listen and instead he kissed my lips shut.

"Mmpm...mphmm!" I struggled to breath.

He's not showing any signs of stopping.

I did my best to push him away just to get some air, and luckily it worked. I imediately inhaled as much air as I can muster since I know he'll do it again.

He caught my jaw and he made me face his way. I looked as I saw how mad he was. His eyes like his majesty.... It was glowing.... Yet his was emerald green. He is out of control...

Just like...

Our first night...

He locked my hands using only one of his hands. He slowly trace down my stomach and ended inside my pants. He squeeze them enough for me to yelp in pain.

"Ow! S-stop...please..." I beg once again.

He stroke my penis harsher than he usually does.

I begun to panic and started kicking everywhere. I manage to kick his side and he stopped for a moment to ease the pain.

"I-I I'm sorry... I didn't-" before I could finish my sentence he rose back again and this time he unzipped his pants and let his member out.

He position himself on my hole.

Wait! He didn't prepared me!

"Wait you didn't prepared me- AHHHHHH!"

He thrusted inside me in one swift motion. He went so deep inside me without preparing me.

The pain that I felt was horrible. I felt like I was split apart.

"It hurts! T-take it out!"

Yet he only thrusted faster.

"D-David....please.... I... can't.....AHHH!"

He suddenly hit something inside me. I don't know what it was and I'm not liking it.

"Found it." He said rather deep and scary.



"Stop! Not that place it feels weird!"


"David please listen! Ow! It hurts!"

(Thrust even deeper)


The last thrust hurts more than the others...

He just won't listen... He isn't even talking.

Suddenly I lost all strength and I find it useless to beg...

He won't listen even if I did.

I'm tired...

I'm scared...

I let my tears poured down freely...

David somehow stopped when he saw my current state.

"David... I'm scared... I didn't do anything wrong believe me!" I said raising my voice on the last part.

"I'm scared... I'm scared... I'm scared...."

Soon the room was quite and only my sobbing voice can only be heard.

David didn't move from his place.

I don't know what he is doing. I can't even look at him. I'm scared if I see those eyes again I can't stop myself anymore.

I suddenly felt my cheeks being gently held. He made me look his way again but this time he was so much gentle.

I close my eyes shut.

I won't open them... Not now when I'm in this state.

"Look at me." He simply said.

I was afraid if I don't open them he might be mad, so I did...

But what I saw made me widen my eyes in disbelief.

"I'm sorry..." He said as he looked at me with guilt.

He wiped my fallen tears away...

"Please stop crying; I won't hurt you anymore. I'm sorry for scaring you."

He held me tightly with his arms. He held me like there's no tommorow.

Then he whispered;

"Please don't run away..."

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