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The vomiting was the first thing that occupied the morning of Marcus. Yesterday after Heath fainted he also started to feel sick. He went back to the servant quarters even though sir David ordered him to go back to his room.

Another urge to puke made Marcus' head hazy and dizzy. 'This must be the one they called morning sickness' Marcus said to himself.

As he was busy puking his guts out Mrs. Potts suddenly arrived at the kitchen. Upon seeing his condition he knew right away what was happening. Yet she did not question the boy. Instead, she warmed some water and made him sit at the table.

"Drink this. It will help you feel better." She said offering the warm water.

"Please don't tell him, Mrs. Potts." Marcus suddenly said.

"What are you planning to do with that child than a young lad? He'll know even if I don't tell him." Mrs. Potts said.

Marcus stayed quiet and avoided the question. Mrs. Potts didn't bother forcing him cause he understands that the boy is going through a lot of struggles now.

"I'll be at the back if you need me." Said Mrs. Potts.


Marcus was acting differently since last morning. The whole staff noticed his change of behavior, yet they choose not to get involved since it would mean punishments from sir David.

His movements were clumsy. His mind was always in the clouds. He often gets tired easily and occasionally they would see him clasping his abdomen. He looked somewhat in pain.

It was Marcus'duty today to dust all the furniture in the south wing, together with the other servants. He was doing fine until he suddenly collapsed on the floor.


They started rounding him trying to see what was happening. Others called for help while the rest were fanning him until they were suddenly cast aside when Sir David arrived on the scene. He carried him bridal style; Marcus' head rested on Sir David's shoulder as his breathing was hard and deep and his body was sweating but cold. His glare was enough to resume them from their task and the whispering stop.

When they reached the doctor's quarters; sir David didn't even try to knock at the door and kicked it open. Upon the sudden intrusion, the doctor was in his nightgown half risen from his knees as another girl stuck between his legs.

"Out." Was his only word and the young woman scurried away in fear and embarrassment. He does not care about private affairs but he would surely reprimand that woman later. 

"Y-your majesty... I was not expecting you." The doctor said as he fixes himself from his current state.

"Of course you wouldn't... You were busy getting your balls sucked." He replied coldly.

He gently laid Marcus down and told the doctor what happened. Sir David stood aside, much to his liking, yet he needs to let this doctor examine him so that he would know what was wrong with his Marcus.

First, he took his temperature after getting it he wrote it down on a piece of paper and moved to proceed with the next procedure. As the doctor was doing word Sir David tapped his toes in agitation; worried that his condition might be serious. He watched closely what the doctor was doing and made sure that what he was doing was all part of his job. He notices that the stethoscope was slowly reaching down to Marcus' abdomen. This immediately enrages David and grab his arm almost twisting its part.

"What do you think you're doing!" He shouted to the man so loudly that the windows of the room started to crack.

"I-I am only checking its heartbeat?" The doctor said the terrified tone.

"His heart is right next to his chest!" He shouted once again, this time gripping it more tightly.

The doctor screech in pain and begged him for mercy.

"Give me one good fucking reason why I shouldn't rip your arms apart!"

"I hear a heartbeat on his belly! He is with child!"

The doctor's words made him freeze. He slowly released his grasp from the man. but relentlessly grab his collar and slam him on the wall.

"You better not joke with doctor-"


David dropped him on the floor and averted his gaze to Marcus who was lying asleep on the bed looking exhausted and drained.

"For how long?" He asked.

"Judging by the heartbeat... H-He is three weeks pregnant your majesty. Dizziness is one of the symptoms of his delivery."

The doctor composed himself as he clasps on his arm that was severely twisted by David. He grabs a piece of cloth and tied it on his shoulder for support.

"You may leave doctor..."

He quietly left the room, afraid that if he gets involves with this he wouldn't make it out alive. 

When they were finally alone David sat beside Marcus and stared at him quietly. He slides his hand carrying his cheeks as a faint smile was plastered on his face.






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