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"please don't leave me..." He repeatedly said to me.


Heath's pov.

I was awaken by a warm heat behind me, and a bone crushing grip around my waste.

When I tilted my head to see what it was I imediately turned white when I saw the beast laying beside me! Naked! (Only wearing underwear)

I was afraid that if I wake him up something repulsive will happen again. So I choose to stay still...

Each moment pass my heart was beating really loud that I can actually hear it from the outside.

"Why is your heart beating fast, love?" The beast suddenly said earning a jolt coming from me.

When I felt that he started tighten his grip on my waist I immediately scram as far away from him.

I wanted to go jump again from the balcony but it was locked, when I tried running for the door he caught me from my waist.

"LET ME GO!" I said as I kept on fighting his grip.

"Shhh calm down love... I'm not gonna hurt you anymore..." He said with his now new gentle voice which I have never heard before.

I didn't listen and instead I kept on struggling until I've finally calm down after losing all of my strength.

He carried me back to the bed as I kept on shivering from his warmth.

"Please... Let me go..." I said as tears flowed down my checks..

I don't know if it's just my imagination but the beast somehow.... Looked.... Guilty.....

He laid me down on the bed and gently covered me with a blanket. When he started to lean down I closed my eyes expecting something painful will happen, but nothing came.

Instead I earned a kiss on his forehead.

I opened my eyes eyes not believing what just happened...

"I'm sorry but I can't let you leave." He only said before heading to the door.

Before he could leave I suddenly asked him;

"Why the change of heart? A moment ago you stripped me naked from my own dignity, you raped me, you hunted  me, you inflicted nothing but pain on my life, and now you're acting as if all of those didn't happened!" I said as I couldn't stop my emotions from bursting out.

He stood thier staying silent.

Then he sigh and left.

Third person point of view

The moment Gale left Heath imediately tried to open the door but it was locked. He kicked the door and fell down on the floor in desperation.

"I wanna go home." Heath silently said to himself.

Meanwhile after Gale left Heath he went to his quarter and took the magic mirror and said;

"Show me the boy."

The mirror instead showing the handsome reflection of the beast, it instead showed the fragile boy crying on the floor.

He put the mirror down and sat on his chair as he think of a solution to earn his trust.... And eventually his heart.

"Deep in thought I see." Damien said leaning on the door frame.

"Shut up. You're causing me more headache." He hissed ignoring his presence.

It was silent for a moment, but then David suddenly said;

"So what are you gonna do now? You do realize in three days time the blood moon will appear again-"

"I FUCKING KNOW THAT! What do you think I'm doing? I'm trying to think of a solution here." He snapped as his eyes glowed crimson, a sign of hunger.... Not food.... But lust.

"Look at you. If he sees you right now he'll run away from you again. You look like a hungry beast who hasn't been fed for a long time." David said trying his patience.

"And what about you? The blood moon will also affects you since we're blood related."

"I know... The blood moon is a time for mating. Since you acted like a beast the enchantress cast this spell not only affecting you but everyone that is related to you in this palace. If we don't mate, we will go on rampage..."

"So.... Who are you gonna lay with?" Gale asked and somehow expected the name Marcus to be mentioned.

"I low female servant from the west wing." He said without emotions.

This actually shocked Gale.

"What happened to Marcus then?" He asked leaning  from his chair.

David just diverted his eyes and ignored the question.

"David... What.happened?" Gale asked and this time sternly.

David only sigh in defeat and said;

"I messed up...." He stopped for a moment and then said while making a nervous smile. "I guess we really are blood related after all."

"Tell me what happened?"

"You can say I'm being a hypocrite right now. I lost control and raped him... I just can't handle it... I don't want anyone touching what is mine. When I saw him with someone imediately all my sanity went away and I just want to kill that servant who touched my Marcus!" He said as his eyes are glowing now.

"Calm down. You're losing control again." Gale said rising up from his chair.

"If you were to lay with a maid... Won't that hurt Marcus?"

David went silent.

"It's better this way. I don't want to hurt him again."

"I thought you liked seeing him cry as you inflect the pain." Gale asked rather amused.

"Not this time Gale... This time is different..." David said inhaling a lot of regret in the air.

Gale grab his shoulder patting it signifying that everything will be okay, and before he left Gale said;

"And I thought women were hard to handle..." Gale said laughing and so did David.

"So what are we gonna do?" David asked and for the first time he doesn't know what to do next.

"We'll figure it out somehow."

So sorry I haven't updated for a long time. I wasn't in the mood to write but in the mood to read and be inspired.

Luv u reader😘

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